C2E2 Cosplayers and Con Recap (PICS)

Jurassic Trooper.jpg

Clearly I'm enjoying myself at C2E2

Well, C2E2 is over, my feet are sore, my body is aching, I lost my bluetooth, and I think I've contracted some sort of cold...all signs of an awesome convention! Being a first year convention, the attendance seemed pretty great. According to the Show Manager, Lance Fenstermann the C2E2 attendance was around 27,500!

Comic conventions are great for meeting artists, writers, actors, and whatnot...but I really go for the costumes. C2E2 was no different. As a cosplayer myself, I admire those brave enough to walk around the con floor as their favorite character.


My con experience was great for the most part. I made some new friends, got to catch up with old friends, and I took LOADS of pictures, as you can see. My least favorite experience involved a very enthusiastic interview that made me uncomfortable. My boyfriend and I were roped into a video interview with the Feast of Fun guys, and they kept implying that we wear costumes to fulfill some kind of sexual fantasy (yikes)! We tried to explain why we actually cosplay. Hopefully they don't make us look like a couple of freaks...so yeah, I'm not excited to see how that video turns out. I didn't do any gaming and I also only went to one of the panels. I spent most of my time working the convention floor at C2E2.

Much to my surprise, I ran into a good number of people who actually recognized me from my blog! Those moments were probably the highlight of my convention experience. Sometimes I wonder if the people reading my blog are just my friends, and my mom. But, my voice reaches a bit further than that, and that's awesome. Thanks to all my readers who came up and said hello. I really do love meeting you!

I thought I could use my powers of the "press" to get interviews with big names, but all the hot shots were booked throughout the weekend. So I walked around and interviewed the people I personally thought were pretty interesting. Stay tuned for those C2E2 interviews.


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  • Zero & Stryfe at pic #43...lookin' good Nash!

  • In reply to jjarse2:

    I knew about Stryfe, but I had no idea what the other character was lol. Thanks! Did you go out to the con?

  • In reply to Nash:

    I really wanted to go but I ended up shooting the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show for HomesPlus instead. It was really funny seeing all of the comic kids next to the stuffy KBIS people though ;)

  • In reply to jjarse2:

    Hahaha! That KBIS stuff was EVERYWHERE. Banners, signs, posters, that giant logo statue thingy. We had to walk through a lot of that stuff to get to C2E2 lol. We got some looks, and a few bad jokes.

  • I thought your costume was great! The best Skeletor I've seen so far! Did you make it all yourself? I didn't know you were local too, that's awesome.

    I'm going to be missing Free Comic Book Day this year because of work. I can't wait to see everyone's pictures though :)

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