10 ways my life is like Ugly Betty

Last week I watched the series finale of Ugly Betty. It's one of my favorite shows, and I'm sad to see it end. After talking about the show for hours with my boyfriend (the highlight of his day I'm sure), I realized why I connected with the show so much. I'm Betty Suarez!...well, not really but we have a lot in common (and I totally dressed up as Betty for Halloween). Here are 10 ways my life parallels the life of Betty Suarez (beware...there are spoilers):

1. We're (nearly) the same age. Betty graduated high school in 2002, I graduated in 2003.

Betty High School.jpg

Betty in high school. I'd like to believe I wasn't this awkward, but who knows.

2. We both started our careers in unlikely places. Betty at a fashion
magazine when she's clearly not fashion forward, and me in broadcast
news when I hate even watching the news.

Betty Work.jpg

Betty at Mode, and me in the CLTV Master Control room.

3. We both wore red plastic framed glasses.

Betty Glasses.jpg

When I dressed up as Betty for Halloween, I actually used my real glasses for the costume

4. We both had
a loud sense of fashion. My rule used to be, if some of the colors
matched, the patterns didn't have to (I've toned down my wardrobe quite a bit since then).

Betty Clothes.jpg

I admire Betty for just being who she is, no matter how outrageous it may look!

5. We're both nice to people who don't always deserve it, and sometimes people take advantage of our kindness.

Marc has been a long time frenemy to Betty, but she always helps him when he needs it.

6. We both decided to start blogs about things we care about.


We both usually date the cute nerdy guy that we really hope would last,
only to have something ridiculous happen in the next episode that would
leave us both single again (sigh)

Betty and Henry...their nerd love could have been epic.

8. We both wore handmade
Halloween costumes to work, when no one else in the office seemed to be
in the spirit (I really thought more people would wear costumes that

9. In the end we both have the careers we want,
and jobs that we love. Betty has her new magazine in London, and I'm a
graphic designer for WGN!

No more braces. Ready to make it in London!

10. We get the man in the end...who also happens to be our best friends. Daniel has been Betty's friend/boss for 4 years. When she takes the job in London he finally realizes he loves her, and asks her out on a date. My boyfriend and I were friends for 3 years before we finally realized we should be dating each other (he wasn't my boss though...that would be weird).

Betty and Daniel, together at last.

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