Suffering from Smallville withdrawals

Friday nights haven't been the same without Smallville. No offense to the other CW programs, but I would prefer the well written story of the struggles of a young, heroic, Kryptonian than watch your reality show reruns. So last night instead of watching Fly girls, I reacquainted myself with season 4 of Smallville (just a random season my boyfriend chose). While watching these old Smallville episodes, I was reminded of why this show is so amazing.


Smallville is my favorite show, ever...period. I grew up with it. When Clark Kent was a freshmen in high school, I was a sophomore in high school. Now we're both adults, trying to balances relationships, a career, and a double life (complete with alter egos and costumes). Admittedly, I do feel like Clark Kent more often than not.

All joking aside, I think Smallville is the perfect balance of science fiction, action, and drama. It's not just a Superman show...It's a show about family, friendship, love, trust, betrayal, life, and death. Even though this series is about aliens and heroes, it's filled with characters that we care about, characters we love to hate, and characters we can relate to. The fact that a series about a comic book hero has been on television for this long, and is so well written, really makes me happy. Living in the kind of corrupt world that we do, it's humbling to see that even someone like Clark Kent (Superman himself) struggles to make the right choices. In the end he always does what's right, even if that means sacrificing his pride or something that he wants.

I can't wait for Smallville to return next week, Friday April 2. Season 9 has proven to be one of the most eventful seasons in the series. I'd like to share a fan video I found on youtube that sums up the epicness of the current season. From the legendary romance with Lois, to the apocalyptic battle between Zod and Clark, the last episodes of this season will surely not disappoint.


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