Star Wars Parody Music Videos


Boba Fett from "Galactic Empire State of Mind" (

Thanks to all my nerdy friends who post videos and share links with me, I watch a good number of entertaining parody videos. Admittedly my favorite ones usually involve some sort of Star Wars characters. The web is loaded with fan films and parody videos, but something has to be said when you can take a current popular song, and make a memorable parody out of it. The videos I'm sharing with you all today are from two songs that are constantly on the radio, and for whatever reason, I can't get them out of my head. Both videos are well done and hilarious!

Probably my favorite Star Wars parody music video right now features
Ke$ha's song, Tic Tock. The people at Teddie Films went all out for
this video. It just goes to show, that you don't have to have super accurate costumes to make a good fan video. The big dance party at the end with the trekkies is awesome.

I'm not a Jay-Z fan, but I do love his new single, with Alicia Keys. Leave it to the people at College Humor to always come up with something clever. The choreographed dance moves, and original lyrics makes this Star Wars music video one of the best ones I've seen. Check out their video "Galactic Empire State of Mind." They literally summed up the entire original Star Wars Trilogy in 4 minutes, awesome! Lyrics can be found at their website.

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