Life Imitating Art

As any cosplayer knows, getting your picture taking is as common as saying "hello" when you're at a convention. The key to taking a great photo in costume is having the perfect pose. To channel your character, it's quite common to strike one of their signature poses. I've come across a few cosplay photos that were inspired by posters, comic covers, movies, and even fanart!

Cosplayers have a way of bringing the characters to life! Take a look through the gallery and enjoy! Since most of these cosplayers are friends of mine, I thought I'd provide links in case you want to see more!

Which cosplayer do you think personifies their character the best?

Nash as Storm
Tia as Princess Leia
Margie as Wonder Woman
Danielle as Sailor Moon
Shards of Diamonds as Emma Frost
Abby as Catwoman
Felicia as Princess Peach
Danny & Heather as Superman & Supergirl

I don't know the Disney Princesses, but CLICK HERE to see their photos, and CLICK HERE for the fanart that inspired them.


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  • Let me just note, finding pictures that match cosplay photos was NOT easy! lol I was hoping to have this blog up yesterday...better late than never.

  • Whoa! Is that last mugshot a cosplayer? That one looks crazy good! I'm really impressed with that one...

  • In reply to Crossosphinx:

    Yeah, that's Abby! She's an amazing cosplayer, and she's in the Wolf Pack Elite also :) I mean the background is obviously photoshopped, but that's a real live person in that photo!

  • In reply to Nash:

    My faves (in no particular order)
    1. Nash as Halle
    2. wonderwoman
    3.abby as catwoman
    4. superman/supergirl

    I love looking at these!!

  • In reply to Nash:

    Awww thanks Jenny! I made the top 4!? :)

    I love the Disney Princess one so much! It was the photo that inspired this blog topic! I thought it was such a cute picture, and when I found the image they were recreating, I thought "This is PERFECT!"

  • In reply to Nash:

    OK, I'm a long-time graphic novel reader, and I have to say that all of these shots impressed me. I was really moved by the "Crisis" shot cuz I HAVE that original issue in my collection. Kudos to all of you!

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    If you actually look really close to the background of the Crisis cover, all the other heroes, are actually real cosplayers too...again photoshopped, but impressive! They did an awesome job.

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    I luv looking at all the photos, all of u guys r totally awesome!!! U in that Storm pose was so FANTASTIC, as was Margie as Wonder woman, Abby as Catwoman and OMG Danny & Heather Superman/Supergirl were all so cool!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to SharonR:

    Thanks so much! I'm glad you love our pictures. That's probably the best part about cosplay...getting that kind of positive reaction from people. Makes it all worth it!

  • In reply to SharonR:

    I LOVE recreating poses! Most of the time, I try to do a pose that a character has actually been seen doing!

  • In reply to SharonR:

    OH - BTW, I know that the Belle in the photo is a cosplayer known as Belle-Etoile.

  • In reply to MajorG:

    Very cool! Those girls are awesome!

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