Geeky Weddings

Darth Vader Wedding

I wonder if they played the "Imperial March"

It's no secret that I'm a big geek. I have a huge costume collection, I go to conventions, and I collect toys. Many people who know me, believe that I will be having some sort of geektastic wedding, with a theme. Lots of my friends have been getting married and engaged recently, and with wedding season approaching, I've been in "wedding mode" lately (No, I'm not getting married...yet). Personally I think theme weddings are entertaining, but I haven't had the pleasure of actually attending one.

Call me crazy, but I would like to look back on my wedding album with no regrets. I have no problem showing subtle hints of my geekiness at my wedding. Incorporating something in the decorations, and having a themed wedding cake would be great, but I wouldn't want to be in full costume at my wedding. I wear costumes all the time, and I only want to be a bride once. I do plan on having a wedding that's very "me," but costumes will not be required. Not to knock these weddings, some of the ideas were well executed, while others seemed a bit over the top. What do you think?


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  • The Trekker wedding with a Borg best man makes me think: "Resistance is futile."

  • In reply to mabeno:

    I'm pretty sure he's there to make sure they go through with it lol.

  • The web producer at my job sent me this video after she saw my blog! Watch the video all the way through to see the Zelda details! That cake was GREAT!

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