Durance Magazine: New Digital Magazine Launches


Cover of Issue #1 of Durance Magazine

Shortly after The CW announced the renewal of Smallville for a 10th season, I blogged about my excitement. Little did I know that someone out there in cyberspace was reading my blog, and that someone was impressed enough to want me to be apart of her project. I received an email from Nádia Costa, the mastermind behind the newest Erica Durance fan project, Erica Durance TV. Erica Durance is best known for her role as Lois Lane on The CW's hit show Smallville. With so many fansites on the web, Nádia wanted to do something different. After brainstorming with some friends she made on twitter, Durance Magazine was born. Durance Magazine is a nonprofit digital fansite magazine.

With the help of her friends from around the world,
they quickly began writing stories for this fan magazine. In as little
as a month and a half, this fan magazine went from just an idea to an actual digital
magazine. I for one was impressed with the quality of their work.
When I agreed to write for the magazine, I had no idea what I was
getting myself into. I had a week to write a story, but my topic was
Smallville, so I had my story written the day after I was asked to be
apart of this project.

Nash's Smallville Article.jpg

My first magazine article, and it's Smallville related. This will be printed and framed! Read the full article in Issue #1 of Durance Magazine

Even though they're an Erica Durance fan group, they want to cover other topics in their magazine. So what can fans expect from this magazine? Aside from the obvious Erica Durance news, the digital magazine will cover Smallville, Superman, comics, interviews, fan art, film reviews, and more. Durance Magazine creators want to keep their content diverse, and they're open to suggestions from other fans.

Durance Magazine contributors are from all over the world (Brazil, the US, the UK, and Hungary to name a few places). It was quite the challenge for Nádia to keep in touch with the writers and designers working on this project. I'm very proud to be apart of such a wonderful group of people. I'm looking forward to writing more articles for the magazine (expect some C2E2 coverage for the next issue).

Durance Magazine is free and will be published online monthly. If you want to subscribe visit DuranceMagazine.org also follow the fan group on twitter @ericadurancetv.

If you're interested in contributing to Durance Magazine feel free to email: info@durancemagazine.org

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