C2E2 at Navy Pier

Me & Kearstin @ Navy Pier

Saturday March 27, 2010, my costumed comrades and I were out at Navy Pier promoting C2E2's Kids Day. On April 18, 2010, C2E2 will be having a "Kids Day" where children 12 and under get free admission to the expo. Just behind Navy Pier's Family Pavilion stage, C2E2 has a table set up where visitors can find out more about C2E2, get some free stuff, and take pictures with the costumed characters from 10am-5pm this weekend only. So if you're looking for something fun to do downtown with the family, stop by the Pier.

I had a blast yesterday. I made some new friends, and met loads of
people. It's always exciting meeting the kids, and seeing their faces
light up when they meet superheroes in person. I'd like to thank the
C2E2 staff for letting us come out and help, and the members of the 501st Legion's Midwest Garrison for hanging out with a couple of comic book chicks!


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  • Wow... wish I could've gone, it looks like you had a lot of fun!

    That and I wish that I could get one of those Stark Platinum Cards, lol

  • In reply to Crossosphinx:

    I wish you could have been there too! You would have had lots of fun!

    The Stark Platinum Card might not be legal in your state lol :P

  • In reply to Crossosphinx:

    Yeah, you guys really did look like you all were having a blast!!! Hats off to you all for taking time to put a smile on the kids and adults faces, that showed up for a little fun for their kids and got a treat of there own!!!!

  • In reply to SharonR:

    A lot of the parents seemed to be having more fun than the kids. Even parents who didn't have their children with them wanted to get pictures with us so they can show their kids or grandchildren.

  • In reply to SharonR:

    Fun times!
    I cannot wait for C2E2!

  • In reply to turbomelanieb:

    I can't wait!!!!

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