Addicted to my Nintendo DS

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Even pets know the DS awesomeness!

I've never been a huge gamer girl. I don't have the latest
game console, and I don't always buy the new installments of Game Boy (or DS) that
Nintendo seems to come out with every year. I still have a Super Nintendo with
the dozens of old games that were awesome and cutting edge, back in the 90s. Occasionally, I'll buy a hand held console (Game Boy Color,
Game Boy Advance). The last major video game purchase of mine was the DS Lite. I know I know..."that's
so 2006!" However, I didn't buy one until about 2 years ago. At the time, I was
in school and working full time, and there really wasn't much time to play. Now
that I'm done with school and have a bit of free time, I'm addicted!


One day I'll get a Wii

I've been
known to spend some sleepless nights playing Lego Star Wars, or trying to
catch a witness in a lie in Phoenix Wright. Although DSi is the new hotness (and DSi XL coming soon), I
still have a massive library of DS games that I have yet to experience (I
currently own less than 10 DS games), and I love that I can still play my Game
Boy Advance games. So there will be a few years before I'm ready for a Nintendo

Sadly I still haven't met the full potential of the DS Lite. I have yet to experience a multiplayer game play. I saw a
woman at the VW dealership with a DS weeks ago. I was very tempted to ask this stranger
to play Mario Party with me, but I was too scared. I just set up my DS to
connect to Nintendo WiFi, and I have yet to utilize that feature also! Oh the
frustrations! I did find a very cheap (and new) copy of Pokémon Diamond on eBay, that should be on my doorstep very soon! I feel like I've been living under a rock for all these year, and
I've just discovered this wonderful world of handheld gaming! One day I'll find
someone to play with.  And just
wait another 2 years, and I'll be on the Wii bandwagon! Better late than never!

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  • I'm totally taking game suggestions. I currently have Mario Party, Spectorbes, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Lego Star Wars, and I just bought Pok

  • Tetris DS is highly addictive. I'm a Tetris fanatic, myself.

  • In reply to DebrisStorm:

    I had Tetris on the original Game Boy. My brother and I would play with the two player cord hook-up thingy lol. Is it any different on DS?

  • In reply to DebrisStorm:

    Let me know when you get your copy of Diamond. I have some trading to do with you.

  • In reply to Lothos:

    Oh fun! I'll have to train up my pok

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