Iron Man Auction

If you're a memorabilia junkie, and you just have to have the most screen accurate props, AND you're an Iron Man fan, then Chicago is where you want to be! C2E2 will be conducting an Iron Man Auction which include exclusive props and costumes seen in the original Iron Man film released in 2008. Nearly 225 pieces will be up for grabs at this first year convention.

Those who aren't fortunate enough to attend the event are in luck also. A real time online auction will be conducted at Then after the live auction, props will be put up on eBay! As a fan who is simply too broke to buy actual props and costumes, I'm hoping to get a glimpse of them.

"It is always great to involve our fans in the making of our films and now we have the chance to allow them to take a piece home with them," stated Jordan Hudson, Marvel Studios' Director of Production Operations

Get all the details at the C2E2 website.


Just a handful of the props up for auction

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