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It seems like 2010 is the year for new cons! Cyphan is a first year sci-fi/fantasy convention coming to Wheeling this June. It's always hard to gauge how well a con will do its first year. Finding guests, spreading the word, getting volunteers, and ultimately getting people to attend is tough. Despite the modest website, this blogger thinks Cyphan is definitely worth attending.

So what can fans expect? Aside from all the standard con stuff (panels, dealer's hall, celeb guests, costume contest, etc.)

Browncoat Bash:

Cyphan will be hosting a private party with Jewel Staite (Firefly/Serenity actress) the Saturday of the con. There is an extra $75 fee for the party, but if you're into rubbing elbows with the actress, and having an open bar, it may be something to consider.

Imperial Ball:

There will also be an Imperial Ball with a full dance floor, cash bar, and DJ...there's a $10 cover for this one. Rock on!

Bounty Hunt:

There will be an on going interactive bounty hunting game with members of the 501st Legion...I've seen this game before. Personally I've never done the bounty hunt, but it could be fun (rules can be found on the Cyphan website).

Zombie Pin-Up Contest: undead people competing? Sure, why not?

Exhibit Hall for Costumers/Fan Groups:

One of the best parts of Cyphan, from a purely cosplay stand point, is the costume/fan group exhibit hall. The con is offering costumers and fan groups FREE exhibit space in a ballroom (you just need a convention badge). This is a great opportunity for people to showcase their work. Selling of items and merchandise will be prohibited in this area, but there will be tables available for you to set up a display and spread the word about your group! At any other con, you'd have to pay for that kinda of advertising space. A prize will be award for the best display.

Cyphan guests are featured in the gallery below.

Check out the Cyphan website for more details, and to purchase tickets.

Join the Cyphan Army on Facebook for latest updates about the con!

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