C2E2: New Comic Convention in Chicago


C2E2, short for Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, is new to the list of Chicago cons this year. Although 2010 is the freshmen year for this event, the promotion team has done a lot to spread the word about C2E2. I remember hearing about this Expo before the site was even up and running. This looks to be quite the event too! By the looks of the site they have loads of sponsors and dozens of comic artists and writers, included the Guest of Honor Alex Ross! Personally I'm a huge fan of Alex Ross' illustrations.

C2E2 will be held at the McCormick Place April 16 - 18, 2010. I'm pretty excited about this popular venue. I've been to the McCormick place before, but never in a costume. Mode of transportation is still being debated. I detest downtown parking, but I also hate riding the train in a costume! Hmmm....which one do I hate more!?

The actual event list is "coming soon," but expect contests, panels, parties, video games, and lots of comics, toys and vendors!

Tickets are available at the C2E2 Website

Alex Ross.jpg

The amazing work of artist Alex Ross (C2E2 Guest of Honor)


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  • Hey, riding the CTA in costume is always fun. Try doing it with a 30lb proton pack on your back.

  • In reply to Lothos:

    I somehow managed to avoid taking public transit in costume. I would usually wear what I could, and hit any wigs or helmets in a bag. If I were a Ghostbuster, I'd probably wear that on the train lol

  • In reply to Lothos:

    I might actually go dressed as Doktor Sleepless. That should be fun. I'm really looking forward to this now. I still have to go buy my ticket to the show.

  • In reply to DebrisStorm:

    I'm very excited to see how this con turns out. They have a nice venue, and loads of sponsors, I'm wondering how the attendance will be for it's first year. But with the Iron Man auction and everything, it seems like this might be a big deal con!

    I'm looking forward to the costumes the most!

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