This Week in Photo-Manipulation: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

This fall, the CW introduced the prime-time television viewer to Rachel Bloom. She not only stars in the musical-comedy-drama “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” but she is also one of its creators. And I’ve heard great things about this show. Critics have called it “smart, dark, and inventive”; “charming, ambitious”; and “crazy good.” But that promo photo… What... Read more »

“Everyone Will Be Weighed”: The 4 Words That Almost Brought My Vacation to a Grinding Halt

Our annual trip up to Door County, Wisconsin, has been as fun as always—bike rides, a kayak eco-tour, hikes, FISH BOIL, Swedish pancakes—but planning for a zip-line outing threatened to kill that for me. We’ve zip-lined up here before, so I thought I knew what to expect. But this year we booked with a different... Read more »

Binge-Eating Disorder: Treatment Is Not “Just Make Healthier Choices”

Next time you’re in a crowd of people, see if you can spot who most likely struggles with binge-eating disorder. Sounds easy, right? Just pick out the largest individuals. Nope, not necessarily. Not everyone who is overweight has BED; not everyone with BED is overweight. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, BED is the... Read more »

Road Trip Reflections

Ten days. Nearly 2,300 miles. Eight states. One complete audiobook (The Odyssey narrated by Ian McKellen—I highly recommend!). One remarkably non-sulky teenager. One fender-bender. Lots of sightseeing, great food, and memories. This was our family road trip. We’ve done a couple of these over the past few years and have loved the time together and... Read more »

Thought Finding Your Belly Button Was Easy? Think Again.

I’ll admit that I’m not on top of what you young whippersnappers are up to these days. It still takes me way too long to formulate a text message, I did not recognize most of the songs played at my son’s 8th-grade dance, and I’ve seen only one episode of “Pretty Little Liars.” (Wait, should... Read more »

Confronting Stigma: Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Brian Cuban—younger brother of Mark Cuban—has written extensively about his experience with BDD. As a child, he endured bullying about his weight. Suffering from debilitating anxiety about his body, Cuban struggled with depression, drug addiction, steroid use, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts. He now writes and lectures about how he has learned to cope with... Read more »

To Bear Witness to Pain

Some days, the news of the world weighs heavily on me. Earthquakes, war, violence in our neighborhoods. Sometimes the horrors creep in a little too close to home—illness, loss, betrayal. How often do we find ourselves bearing witness to another person’s suffering? How often do we stand idly by, knowing nothing that we say or... Read more »

Confronting Stigma: Sexual Assault

April is sexual assault awareness month, so I feel compelled to write something about it. But where to begin? Should I start with the three new allegations against Bill Cosby that recently came out? Or with the 15-year-old boy who was arrested for sexually assaulting a woman on one of Chicago’s elevated trains? Perhaps I... Read more »

The High-Conflict Personality

What would reality TV be without pot-stirrers? (Boring!) “Real housewives” might actually get along. “Survivor” alliances might hold until the winner is announced. While that might give some a nice warm feeling inside, the viewing public would most likely tune out. We watch these shows for the drama, drama, drama. But conflict in our daily... Read more »

A Rube-Goldberg Machine That Doesn't Know When to Stop

Thumbnail image for 'A Rube-Goldberg Machine That Doesn't Know When to Stop'
Remember this video? It came out 5 years ago, and like millions of others, I watched it over and over. I love me a good Rube-Goldberg machine. There is something so satisfying yet nerve-wracking about them. If you’re not familiar with Rube-Goldberg machines, think Mousetrap Game. A whole lot of little mechanical maneuvers—each triggering the... Read more »