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If “Ifs” and “Buts” Were Candy and Nuts …

In a post on Elephant Journal, Wendy Reese writes about her addiction to making excuses. She describes how her life revolved around her excuse for not “showing up fully” and how she hid behind perceived limitations. I started thinking about this idea of making excuses and the beliefs and rules attached to that. It seems... Read more »

Skinned Knees and Broken Hearts

I fell down the other day. Nothing particularly dramatic. I was trying to step over a parking lot divider. My coat was sort of long and I got one leg over but just couldn’t quite get that other one to cooperate. Down I went. Aside from being embarrassed, I was fine. Later, when I was... Read more »

Meet “The Shredder"

We adopted our dog Owen in 2008 from a rescue organization. He is a West Highland white terrier, but when we met him, we could not find the “white.” Owen had never been bathed or groomed. Our new 11-month-old puppy was filthy and stinky but very sweet. Owen is fairly smart and remarkably not a... Read more »

A Sorting Hat for the Soul

When my son was in third grade, we threw him a Harry Potter–themed birthday party. It was so much fun. We had herbology class, divination, potions, and a quidditch practice. We decorated wands and ate chocolate frogs. But before all these activities began, we had to sort the kids. If you have never read any... Read more »

Our Bodies Do Not Need to Be Tamed

I admire and respect teachers, but I could never be one. Just the notion of having to be “on” for practically the whole day makes my stomach hurt. And although each grade level has fairly consistent academic expectations, the students are anything but uniform. They have different personalities, temperaments, and energy levels. The student who... Read more »