Hot Thighs in the Summertime

Sunset in Fish Creek, WI, 2014 by Nancy Hall

Sunset in Fish Creek, WI, 2014 by Nancy Hall

Everybody loves summer, right? Beaches…bike rides…street fests…barbecues…endless fun, right? Well, maybe not for folks with body image issues. Let’s face it, if you’re self-conscious about your body, you might not be too excited about the amount of skin that is revealed in hot weather.

Tank tops, shorts, bathing suits…just the thought of wearing any of these can trigger intense anxiety.

As summer approaches, we’re reminded how much time we have to get our bodies “bathing suit” ready. Well, if I have a body … and a bathing suit … aren’t I ready?

In 2014, the website posted an article called “7 ‘Fat Girls Can’t Wear That’ Rules Totally and Completely Disproven.” Writer Marie Southard Ospina challenges these “oppressive” rules and shows readers images of beautiful large women wearing shorts, crop tops, tank tops, and miniskirts. And they look great!

But I do know there might be logistical concerns with particular wardrobe choices. Women with large thighs might not be too eager to wear beautiful flowy sundresses because of the dreaded thigh chafing. What are the options? Circulation-constricting shapewear? Bike shorts?

Luckily, large women can have comfy thighs and wear those cool pretty dresses. And in 2014, Lesley wrote an article on describing the options she discovered—and she put them all to the test.

The point is, often women feel that they’re “not allowed” to wear certain styles unless they’re thin, toned, tall, petite, flat-chested, ample-bosomed—in other words … never.

We think we need to change our body shapes instead of looking for other solutions. We internalize the problem. It must be me. I’m too big. Those styles are for other women.

But as we move into an era that is beginning to accept and celebrate the diversity of body shapes, there are solutions for everyone.

So put on that sundress, bathing suit, or shorts and enjoy the summer!

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