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Keep seasonal allergies at bay amid COVID19 fears

BY SANDRA GUY The spring allergy season has started early, leading to fear and concern about allergy sufferers’ coughing, sniffling and itchy eyes. Experts say it’s important to understand how allergies to increased tree pollen differ from the symptoms of COVID19. The sneezing and runny nose that accompany allergies are rarely a sign of COVID19,... Read more »

Beware staying glued to your screen for optimal eye health

By Sandra Guy People hunkered down at home to keep others safe from the coronavirus pandemic should beware spending every moment in front of their handheld, laptop or computer screen, experts warn. The pandemic’s global death toll, which surpassed 20,000 on March 25, makes this, the designated “Workplace Eye Wellness Month,” uniquely prescient. Indeed, optometrists... Read more »

What Does It Take to Strive to be a Professional Athlete?

BY SANDRA GUY Experts say training to be an athlete – ready to run marathons, compete in endurance trials and eat and train seriously — should represent the culmination of proper nutrition, smart exercise and committed lifetime habits. It’s a timely topic, since March is National Athletic Training Month. The founder of several Chicago runners’... Read more »

National Condom Week Is No Joke: Data Show STDs a Major Health Concern

By Sandra Guy Can’t you just hear late-night comedians trying to outdo each other joking about National Condom Week? The second week of February – timed to coincide with Valentine’s Day – even elicits puns from safe-sex advocates to get kids’ attention. Take these reminders: “Don’t Be Silly, Protect Your Willy.” Or “When in Doubt,... Read more »

Young women play critical role in engineering better heart valves #NationalEngineers Week

BY SANDRA GUY As National Engineers Week draws to a close, two young women engineers say they’re excited to work on advancements in heart technologies. . Beatrice E. Ncho, a fourth-year chemical engineering PhD candidate at Georgia Tech, focuses on engineering prototypes of transcatheter aortic valves that have a reduced risk of thrombosis (from a... Read more »

Author of Taking Sexy Back: Tips for Dating Over 40

BY SANDRA GUY If you’re newly available and starting to date after 40, you don’t have to feel like Rip Van Winkle. Nothing feels the same, especially for people coming out of a long marriage. But a Chicago-area therapist says take a deep breath and prepare to learn about dating apps, online privacy and keeping... Read more »

Lessons for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month #1Thing

By SANDRA GUY Teenagers are confronting a particularly complicated dating environment – even beyond the usual angst and hormonal changes – as they face today’s #MeToo sensitivities and a renewed debate about traditional masculinity and its ramifications. The American Psychological Association released its first-ever guidelines in August 2019 for psychologists working with boys and men.... Read more »

Expert: Garlic extract can play a role in heart health, but guard against extremes

BY SANDRA GUY Research shows that natural remedies may be worth a try if you’re trying to reduce inflammation and blood pressure – leading to greater heart health. Although human trials are either mixed or not yet active, experts say your health routine could benefit from extracts of bilberry, garlic, the hawthorn berry, ginkgo biloba... Read more »

Don’t Let Excitement to Visit a Newborn Interfere with Mom’s Needs, Etiquette Expert Says

BY SANDRA GUY In the same vein as advice on how not to be a bad in-law, an etiquette expert says family members anxious to gush over a newborn should make sure to put the new mom’s needs first.
 “It’s not about you,” says Diana Spalding, a midwife, a pediatric nurse and digital education editor... Read more »

South Loop wellness retailer offers natural beauty oils

BY SANDRA GUY If acne threatens to spoil your perfect holiday photo, look no further than your local South Loop wellness retailer L+A Healing Studio. Start with a good facial cleanser, says Alex Agudo, co-owner with Leo Gonzalez of L+A Healing Studio at 2018 S. Michigan Ave. “Tea tree oil is an anti-microbial, so it... Read more »