More than ever, Mom could use every day as Mother's Day


If ever Mom needed a boost of healthful calmness, it’s now.

After all, when has she ever more assiduously performed the roles of personal chef, homework overseer, stay-at-home computer troubleshooter, Zoom classtime scheduler, zealous bacteria cleaner and timekeeper for the dog’s walks?

The coronavirus mandate has heightened what research, and most women’s experience, have long recognized: Mothers spend more time cooking, cleaning, shopping and doing laundry when a man is in the house than do their single-mom counterparts, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use Survey dating back to 2012.

So why not transform one single day — Mother’s Day on May 10 — into a daily “thank you” for an heroic woman in your life — whether she’s a taken-for-granted mom, a step-mom, a pet mom, a single mom, a teacher aka “student mom” or any other?

What might be on the list? Just a few ideas:

• A basket of easy-to-use, at-home manicure and pedicure products.

• An entire new line of her favorite moisturizer, cold cream and other skincare boosters.

• A health-filled dinner that you pick up from a high-end restaurant that’s offering take-out.

• Gift certificates for her favorite spa, hairdresser, masseur or masseuse and personal trainer – events to look forward to post-pandemic.

• Natural soothing remedies such as lotions, bath salts and herbal teas. Most notable is Echinacea, which some studies have shown can boost the immune system, soothe anxiety and reduce inflammation. Just be sure to add a note of caution: Echinacea should be taken with food, and beware if she has allergies or is taking any prescription drugs that would adversely interact with the herb.

• Flowers, including those than you can plant in your yard or in a flower pot.

• Anything home-made, just for her – perhaps a morning wakeup note.

In this new age, people are awakening to the factors that boost immunity and even keep oxygen flowing: Sleep, relaxation, vigorous exercise and a fresh-food diet.

Just taking slow, deep breaths can decrease pain and anxiety, research shows. Helping mom get there may indeed be the greatest gift of all.

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