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The passing of a friend

My friend and colleague Shirley Dineen L.P.N. died on Tuesday after a very brief illness. Shirley spent her career serving older adults in long term care communities and yet she did not live long enough to collect her Social Security benefit. We worked together for about 10 years at Windsor Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center,... Read more »

Adverse Events in Nursing Homes Capture Headlines

As predictable as an episode of “I Love Lucy“, this past week saw many reactions to the just published report issued by the Office of Inspector General at HHS on “Adverse Events in Skilled Nursing Facilities.” By now, the media mill has chewed through the report and spat out the juicy bits (here), while a... Read more »

Lawyers Peer Into Elder Care's Crystal Ball - Part Two

Continuing from Monday’s post, below are a few final comments from the presenters at the 2014 AHLA, Long Term Care and the Law Conference: Medicare may begin to use bundled payment. Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans (MA) will be more aggressive with using post-acute care as a cost containment tool. Providers who can achieve quality will... Read more »

Obamacare and the Evolution of Medicare and Medicaid

A flurry of activity, envisioned by Obamacare (ACA) and driven by fiscal necessity, is beginning to transform how providers of long term services and supports (LTSS) address the needs of older adults. Despite the growing interest in how the ACA will change healthcare delivery for working Americans, there is not much public coverage on the changes, which... Read more »

Fiscal Cliff Deal Impacts Long Term Care

The American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012 includes the following two provisions relevant to the LTSS community: Repeal of the CLASS Program:  Implementation of the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports(CLASS) program, which was passed as part of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 and subsequently suspended in October 2011, was unceremoniously  repealed by the... Read more »

Reducing Costs for Dual Eligible Medicaid and Medicare Beneficiaries is Tricky

It is impossible to write about elder care in America, without consistently revisiting the subject of caring for dual-eligible beneficiaries. Older adults (those +65 years of age) account for 61 percent of this population of 7 million who are eligible for full benefits under the Medicaid and the Medicare program. The remaining dual-eligible beneficiaries are  younger... Read more »

Understanding the Elder Care Ecosystem

Consistent readers of this blog (whom I greatly appreciate) can attest that I rarely share my real life experiences with elder care in this forum. Although life’s experiences can certainly inform, I too often read blogs that are profoundly individualistic, focusing more on feelings than on ideas or actions and offer little in the way... Read more »

Striking Residential Design for Boomers

During the recent Memorial Day weekend, while shmying (a Yiddish word for window shopping) around in one of my favorite stores in Michigan’s Harbor Country, a friend drew my attention to one of many handsome design books prominently displayed on a coffee table in a living room vignette.  He knew I would find the title... Read more »

See you next week

Next week I will continue to chronicle how the infrastructure for supporting and sustaining older adults is changing to meet new demands. Until then, I wish you a peaceful Memorial Day weekend. Learn more on Twitter @aginginchicago

Aging Services Technologies Are Gaining Traction but Challenges Remain

When thinking of yesterday’s tomorrows, baby boomers (myself included) have given up on ever owning the jetpacks popularized by the Jetsons cartoon series. Nevertheless, yesterday’s dreams of automated homes are very much alive in our minds and are informing the decisions being made by providers of long term services and supports (LTSS) for older adults.... Read more »
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    Bruce Lederman has over 25 years experience in the senior care field as a direct care provider and thought leader. Bruce was CEO and president of his own firm that operated skilled nursing facilities in Illinois. He is a former nursing home administrator and has consulted to numerous elder care providers on planning for strategic growth as well as process improvement. Recently he served as board chair of CJE SeniorLife, a leading non-profit elder care provider in the Chicago area. Bruce is currently employed as chief strategy officer for a company providing skilled nursing services in communities throughout Illinois and Missouri.

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