An Open Letter to Superintendent Cates and District 211 Board Members

Dear Superintendent Cates, / Dear D211 Board Members, 

I am writing to urge you to stand up for fairness for all students, including transgender students. Affirm your agreement with the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.

Treat the student whose situation is the subject of Monday night’s board meeting with dignity and equality.

This decision is about the student and what is best for her, and ultimately, for all students in the district.

Transgender young people face high rates of harassment, assault and suicide. You are charged with protecting students. You can do this by affirming the agreement with the Office of Civil Rights.

Concern over the risks to other students has been presented to the Board, yet there are no known incidents of harassment or inappropriate behavior. HUNDREDS of school districts nationwide have adopted policies that allow transgender students to access restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity, including Elgin, Stevenson, Barrington, Plainfield, Berwyn and others. They have cited NO issues with their welcoming policies.

District 211 students have voiced their support of the student whose rights are being violated. They are ready to accept all students without segregation and without division. We can all learn something from their example.

I trust that District 211 will make the right choice, to honor their agreement with the Office of Civil Rights. More importantly, I hope that District 211 will treat all of their students fairly, equally, and without separation and discrimination. Thank you for your time.


Pamela Valentine

Please contact the District 211 Board and Superintendent before mid-day Monday, December 7th to tell them to:

  • ·         Let the settlement stand with the OCR.
  • ·         Protect the privacy of ALL of the district students, including transgender and gender diverse students.

 Board Members:

Superintendent Dan Cates:

You can copy and paste the text below into your own emails.

Subject: Equality for EVERY Student, Including Transgender Students 

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