Christmas Crafts

As I am starting to form ideas for new crafts for the holidays, I thought I would share what my children and I made for Christmas last year (2017).  I love to make gifts and replicate things I see at craft fairs and on Etsy or online.  My ideas are not that original, but they are simple and hopefully somewhat useful. When you can't buy gifts for every teacher or every person coming to our house for the holidays, you can still give something a little extra that didn't cost a lot to make, but was fun to create.   Most people won't use them, but I hope they know we enjoyed creating it for them.  I am excited to start gathering materials for this Christmas.  Here is what I created last Christmas.

  1. Snow Globes.  Two years ago, I made snow globes out of jars.  It took a very long time.  So last year I bought snow globe frames on sale and all I had to do was slip a picture in.  I rented a sled for an hour and took my kids' picture myself.  But a photo with your children holding their arms up with their mouths open pretending to catch snow is fun too.                                      christmas-1
  2. Magnets.  Every year I like to make a magnet to use with one of the many photos I take or have taken of the kids all year.  This year I used shape magnets from a toy my kids had outgrown.  I cut the photos in the shape of the magnets and used Modpodge to attach and seal them.  Then I added a small magnet to the back.                                                                         christmas-3
  3. Crayons.  Every year I also melt crayons in Christmas shapes for my kids' classmates.  christmas-5
  4. Hot Chocolate.  Years ago I had hot chocolate labels printed to make jars of hot chocolate mix to give my kids something easy to make for the holidays.  So I just keep making more with different size jars and different ribbon each year.                                christmas-4
  5. Bracelets.  I also like to make the grandparents and aunts charms with my kids' pictures each year to keep track of how they have grown.  Some years I use a necklace and some a bracelet or key chain.  I know they will likely not wear them, but they will have a collection as they grow and so will I.  christmas-2
  6. Earring Magnets.  I bought some like this on Etsy one year for myself and decided to make them as gifts.  I collected fancy old earrings for $1-2 a pair, took off the backs with pliers, and used really strong glue to attach a really strong small magnet.  I found metal ornaments on Ebay so they would not stick together in the box.  These were also used as extra teacher gifts.  christmas-6
  7. Holiday Button Pictures.  I saw these at a vintage market.  Someone used really fancy frames and velvet backing and added vintage pins in Christmas tree shapes.  This became a project for my kids in a more simplified version.  I purchased $1 frames, used felt, and bought buttons at a flea market.  They turned them into trees, ornaments, candy canes, and snowmen.  christmas-7

Watch for the next post when I share this year's new creations.

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