Halloween Costume Catastrophe

I picked what I thought would be the perfect costume for my son. He loved the movie Hotel Transylvania so I thought he might like to be a vampire. Pottery Barn had a cute, simple, and unique version of a vampire costume. I showed the catalog, along with a few other options for different costumes, such as a mummy and a knight, to my son. I wanted something that would be of better quality than the costumes you might get at a pop-up Halloween store yet not too expensive. When it arrived, I showed it to my son Dylan and he said he liked it. I was done shopping and it was a month early too.

When he put the cape on for a Cub Scouts party two weeks before Halloween, he cried and refused to wear it. He said the ruffle looked like a beard even after I showed him pictures and we saw other kids wearing similar styles. The only way you could wear the cape was if it was attached to the ruffled vest so he suggested tucking it in. Not wanting to waste $45 on a costume, I returned it and ordered another cape. I spent four hours until 2 a.m. one morning looking online for a new cape. I chose one on Etsy that would arrive in time for the next event and that would still be of better quality than the flimsy material you might get from a store. When it came, he said he liked it. When it came time to wear the cape, he said the collar bothered him and it didn’t look like a vampire and that he didn’t want to look scary or like a vampire when I added a vampire vest t-shirt to the look.

It wasn’t until his school Halloween party day that I realized he just didn’t want to be a vampire, but he couldn’t express why. He said he couldn’t make a decision. He was crying and refusing to get dressed while not being able to communicate that for some reason wearing the vampire costume was just making him feel bad. I put the collar down and offered him the option of being a magician. He could hold a wand or one of his tricks. He said no one would know what he was. He already put vampire down on the costume chart at school.

I think he was also feeling a little down because his brother was so happy in his superhero costume. I wanted my youngest son to be Ryder from Paw Patrol, but he wanted to be Skye and they did not make Skye from Paw Patrol costumes and if they did it would have been for girls. I had bought two capes, three masks, two belts, two arm cuffs, and a shirt from Etsy and yellow leggings from Amazon.com to create the perfect combination of a generic superhero for my younger son. He looked very cute. So when it was becoming more obvious that Dylan did not want to be a vampire, I offered him the other cape, belt, and mask that I had for Colin and he was finally happy. He did say Colin won so he knows his brother’s costume was better, but the tears and defiance went away. It has just been one big Halloween costume ordeal. I put so much time and thought into getting my kids the best costumes for what they asked to be even though I wanted them to be something else. It was one disappointment after another.

And all this happened after only two hours of sleep in order to wake up at 2 a.m. to peel, chop, and melt 40 crayons to make Halloween theme shaped crayons for all the kids in their classes. Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I never liked coming up with costumes for myself and it isn’t how it used to be when I was a kid and the last couple years have had some pretty miserable weather after all the buildup and money spent on costumes. And the fun years of picking out cute costumes for my kids are coming to an end as they want to decide for themselves what they would like to be.

I’d like to say that next year I will take them to a Halloween store and they have to pick out what they want right there and they will like it and they won’t be getting anything else, but I know I will put myself through the same thing again the next time until they won’t let me get their costumes anymore and they throw on a torn t-shirt and call themselves zombies.

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