A Not So Crazy Easter Timeline

While I go a bit crazy for Christmas, Easter really just takes a day or two to go crazy over.  But due to the holiday being a little early and most places having events the day before Easter, we were not able to participate in the usual activities we enjoy.  So this was our Easter... Read more »

Easy Christmas Crafts 2015

Last year I posted all the easy and inexpensive crafts my children and I made for Christmas gifts.  Although we didn’t have as much time to be as creative this year due to illness and a weekend holiday trip, here is what we accomplished. 1. Book page ornaments. These seemed to turn out better when I... Read more »

Organizing My Life for a Peaceful New Year

I have too much going on.  It is stressful.  The summer is packed full, but that is okay because it is okay if we are late to an amusement park.  But during the school year we yell and fight and rush every morning to be on time and at night we yell and fight and rush... Read more »

The Christmas Disappointment

I start planning for Christmas the day after Christmas and sometimes before.  I already bought the vases I will use for place cards/favors and even candles for the following year and I bought some ornaments on sale as gifts for next year and even a few gift bags and boxes and bows.  I look forward... Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Dressing Your Children Alike

Before I had children I thought it looked silly when kids were dressed alike.  Then after I had two children, I started to dress them alike.  Part of it was that it looked cute in photos, but I soon learned that there were benefits to having them wear the same clothes as well as problems. ... Read more »

Too Many Santas

I don’t remember seeing many Santas when I was a kid.  There were probably some at school when no one cared about other beliefs. We probably went to the mall for a photo at least once and saw the kids in line for Santa other times.  There were probably Santas on the street.  But now... Read more »

My Failed Punishment or My Kid Would Rather Live with Someone Else After All

So the parenting experts say that you have to follow through with your punishments.  Kids will know you are not serious and do things and get away with them if you have empty threats.  So when my son kept leaning over to open the car window after I repeatedly kept closing it and the lock... Read more »

Halloween Costume Catastrophe

I picked what I thought would be the perfect costume for my son. He loved the movie Hotel Transylvania so I thought he might like to be a vampire. Pottery Barn had a cute, simple, and unique version of a vampire costume. I showed the catalog, along with a few other options for different costumes,... Read more »

More Free Fun for Kids in Illinois

In January I posted a list of five free things we like to do over the summer or during the school year.  http://www.chicagonow.com/adventures-one-bad-mom/2015/01/free-fun-for-kids/ Although we certainly end up paying a lot for park district activities and other amusement, here are ten more of the places we go or want to go to that don’t cost... Read more »

Don’t Read This because I’m Not Reading Your Parenting Article that Just Makes Me Feel Bad

I’m done clicking on parenting articles shared by news agencies or friends.  First of all, they never tell you what the article is really about in the title or description.  Second, after every article there are comments bashing the writer and it is followed by an article with an opposing view with comments by people... Read more »