Let's Take It Outside

There have been a few times when I have had to stand up for my kid and some of those times I should have shut up and walked away.  After one bad argument, I decided that I needed to apologize or stay quiet and get out of there before the bite marks show.  Even if the... Read more »

I Can Hold It

If you want to see me naked from the waist down all you have to do is follow me into the ladies’ room when I am with my two kids.  I’ll hold it as long as possible, but when we are on a day-long adventure I will eventually have to go.  My first scare was... Read more »

You're No Mom Friend of Mine

I became a mom at 37, which was much later than my friends who had kids.  I moved into a neighborhood where there are no kids the same ages as my children.  My children went to day care where I work and I am in a department with just one other person who has grown... Read more »

Losing More than a Tooth

It was a surprise when my son told me he had a loose tooth when I picked him up from day care.  We just happened to have a doctor’s appointment that day and the doctor and nurse told him to eat an apple to make it come out.  And he did and it did.  He... Read more »

If I Had a Girl

I was supposed to be a mom of girls.  I bought girly clothes that were on sale or just really cute clothes that filled two tubs even before my sons were born as I was sure I would have all girls.  I saved all of my Barbie dolls even after a fire.  I bought a... Read more »

“There is More than One Type of Good Mother.”

Who knew I would find good parenting advice from Downton Abbey?  But the quote “There is more than one type of good mother” hit me.  For years I have been thinking I am the worst mother alive and then Countess Violet told me I might not be so bad after all.  Lady Mary may have... Read more »

Hoarder or Happy?

From this picture one might assume I am a hoarder.  I might hoard books, my kids’ endless papers from day care, the hundreds of photos I take per week, papers (bills and class work etc.), magazines, Christmas gifts I have purchased a year ahead of time, sale wrapping paper, clothes, and toys all contained to... Read more »

The Intentionally Overextended Mom

So there were four things I wanted to do in one day for my kids.  Which did I choose?  The bunny breakfast, train club, library superhero program, or Easter egg hunt at grandma and grandpa’s house?  No decision needed to be made.  The bunny breakfast started early and ended by 11.  The train club was... Read more »

I’m Sorry I said “I’m Sorry” (Bad Mom Tips)

“Are you okay?”  That’s what a mom made her child say to me after he accidentally kicked a ball at my head when I exited a bouncy house with my son on my lap attempting to retrieve him from the rough housing kids inside trying to jump into the inflatable basketball hoops with their entire... Read more »

Books My Son Currently Loves and Yours Might Too

  My kids love books.  When they were younger in day care they would often sit and look at books while the other kids played.  Here is a list of the books my five-year-old son currently asks me to read more than others, looks at in his bed for an hour, or attempts to read... Read more »