It's like trying to find a tooth in a pile of rocks

It was exciting and sad when my oldest son lost his tooth in preschool. So I was getting anxious when my almost first grader still had not lost a tooth. Maybe he was going to have his baby teeth forever. But one day he said his tooth was loose. We went on a walk to... Read more »

So what CAN they eat in kindergarten?

We only have half-day kindergarten, but there is also day care in the same building for the other half of the day.  That is where my kids have eaten their lunches.  When my oldest started kindergarten, he got a note home a few days later that said he could not bring peanut butter due to... Read more »

It's still Christmas at my house

It’s still Christmas in my house.  As I lie on the couch with a glass of wine and a magazine, I ponder about what to do with this tree that has been up since the beginning of December.  My husband already took down the upstairs tree (his tree) and all the upstairs decorations.  But the... Read more »

Easy Christmas Crafts 2016

Every year I like to share the easy crafts my kids and I make as Christmas gifts.  (Although this year I am a little late with sharing.)  Every year I think I should start early (March would be good.)  But every year I pretty much do it the week before Christmas.  And I still have... Read more »

All Partied Out and it’s only 2nd grade. Part 2

A few years ago I wrote about our disastrous first friend birthday party experience where I planned months ahead, sent save the date cards, and then sent invitations two weeks beforehand, only to have another parent from the class send out invitations for the same day only one week before both parties. But as partied... Read more »

The Leprechaun made me do it

  The leprechaun made me clean my toilet, shop until 1:00 a.m., and stay up until 3:00 a.m. dismantling my kids’ traps and making mischief around the house to prove his existence. We are not Irish, although my husband’s DNA test might show that my kids are maybe 3% Irish, but I wouldn’t brag about... Read more »

I'm smart. My husband is smart. So why aren't my kids smart?

Not to brag, but I was placed in the gifted program in elementary school, I was valedictorian of my 8th grade class, in the top 10% of my high school class, went to the University of Illinois, got my master’s degree, and have published many books and articles.  My husband also claims intelligence and is... Read more »

A Not So Crazy Easter Timeline

While I go a bit crazy for Christmas, Easter really just takes a day or two to go crazy over.  But due to the holiday being a little early and most places having events the day before Easter, we were not able to participate in the usual activities we enjoy.  So this was our Easter... Read more »

Easy Christmas Crafts 2015

Last year I posted all the easy and inexpensive crafts my children and I made for Christmas gifts.  Although we didn’t have as much time to be as creative this year due to illness and a weekend holiday trip, here is what we accomplished. 1. Book page ornaments. These seemed to turn out better when I... Read more »

Organizing My Life for a Peaceful New Year

I have too much going on.  It is stressful.  The summer is packed full, but that is okay because it is okay if we are late to an amusement park.  But during the school year we yell and fight and rush every morning to be on time and at night we yell and fight and rush... Read more »