Laundry Day (Things You Should Know in Case I Die)

Laundry seems pretty simple, but there are a few things you need to know when washing clothes for kids. Laundry can be a full-time job, so use these tips to make things go a little more smoothly.  Detergent Any detergent will do, even the cheap brands, but I have found that I like Tide with... Read more »

Poop Presents

“I poop on the potty,” Colin tells strangers as he holds up a TV toy figure.  I explain to the woman he just told and she said, “Ah.  A ‘poop present.’”  I didn’t know there was such a phrase as “poop present,” but I guess others use this fine method of potty training too.  Many... Read more »

Addicted to Track

     When I would tell people my son loved trains they would tell me that their child loves trains too, but it takes a certain kind of child to be THIS obsessed about the locomotive.  Their kids may have liked trains, but mine ONLY liked trains.  One of his first words was choo choo. ... Read more »

Your Kid is Not That Cute

One of the first things I learned as a new parent is that no one loves your child as much as you do.  No one thinks your child is as cute as you do.  So when I thought my infant or toddler son did something really funny or adorable, I’d look around for the laughter... Read more »

He’s Just Spirited: Part 1

I always thought I just had a bad misbehaved child with a possibility for a future diagnosis of a behavior disorder or ADHD.  But it turns out he is just spirited.  We were recently at a children’s café/play place and a woman noticed that Dylan would not sit still while waiting for our food.  She... Read more »

Let's Take It Outside

There have been a few times when I have had to stand up for my kid and some of those times I should have shut up and walked away.  After one bad argument, I decided that I needed to apologize or stay quiet and get out of there before the bite marks show.  Even if the... Read more »

I Can Hold It

If you want to see me naked from the waist down all you have to do is follow me into the ladies’ room when I am with my two kids.  I’ll hold it as long as possible, but when we are on a day-long adventure I will eventually have to go.  My first scare was... Read more »

You're No Mom Friend of Mine

I became a mom at 37, which was much later than my friends who had kids.  I moved into a neighborhood where there are no kids the same ages as my children.  My children went to day care where I work and I am in a department with just one other person who has grown... Read more »

Losing More than a Tooth

It was a surprise when my son told me he had a loose tooth when I picked him up from day care.  We just happened to have a doctor’s appointment that day and the doctor and nurse told him to eat an apple to make it come out.  And he did and it did.  He... Read more »

If I Had a Girl

I was supposed to be a mom of girls.  I bought girly clothes that were on sale or just really cute clothes that filled two tubs even before my sons were born as I was sure I would have all girls.  I saved all of my Barbie dolls even after a fire.  I bought a... Read more »