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What this mom really wants for Father’s Day

If you’re like me, you are inundated with activities, life events, and obligations in the month of June. The school year is ending, we have graduations, parties, gifts, nostalgia from the change of seasons, etc. Then, in the middle of it all, there is Father’s Day. Instead of Father’s Day being another obligatory day made... Read more »

Please tell me where I stand

Can you? Why is it so hard to get an answer out of some people? This mostly pertains to business development and sales, but it’s a universal sentiment. We all want to know where we stand. If the answer is no, that’s all right. I will live another day, because I can take it. But... Read more »

To my cocky 16 year old self

So here’s the deal: I know you think you’re going to be young forever, you already know everything, you hate being told what to do, and you hate taking advice. So I’ll make it brief. Stop rolling your eyes, I promise I will. Hear me out – you’ll be glad you did when you look... Read more »

Can people ever really change?

Can anyone really change who they are? There are various opinions on the subject, and it’s a question I’ve been struggling with lately. Whether we’re talking about a client or a loved one, business or personal, it doesn’t really matter. The question is, can someone truly achieve the change necessary to mold their character for... Read more »

Want to be more successful in 2018? Don’t treat people like trains

A few days ago, I received one of those emails from a long lost colleague, wanting to “check in” to “say hello.” Under the guise of extreme friendliness, this person gushed until they got to the point of their message, a few paragraphs down… Yes, I did read that long. This person was lucky that... Read more »

My biggest wish for you in 2018

As a wise friend recently said, make enough trips around the sun, and you realize most traditions are temporary. Your kids grow older and move away, relationships shift and morph, priorities change. The things you once felt so passionately about – whether good or bad – well, you just don’t care that much anymore. It’s... Read more »

My best holiday gift this season

Like you – most likely – my year has been good overall, with more notches in the wins column than in the losses one. That said, at times it’s been a roller coaster, and I’m looking forward to the holiday break. If nothing else, the craze and demands of every day life will slow down... Read more »

Stop wasting my time

As we come upon the holiday season and the impending new year, it’s inevitable that we reflect on the passing of time. Time is our most precious commodity, right? Isn’t that the saying? You certainly can’t get time back once it’s gone. It goes faster than you think and it’s the one thing that we... Read more »

Can I be really honest with you?

Can I be really honest with you? I was asked this question in a work situation this past week. I don’t know about you, but this is one of those questions that makes me dread what’s coming next. Along with “Can we talk ASAP?”, and “Can I see you right away?”, “Can I be really... Read more »

When we suffer in radio silence

Ah, we’ve all been there with this one, haven’t we? The world has changed when it comes to follow up and basic communication skills. Maybe this is another thing we can blame on the digital revolution – we have so many ways of communicating with one another now, so we’re that much more overwhelmed with... Read more »