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When we suffer in radio silence

Ah, we’ve all been there with this one, haven’t we? The world has changed when it comes to follow up and basic communication skills. Maybe this is another thing we can blame on the digital revolution – we have so many ways of communicating with one another now, so we’re that much more overwhelmed with... Read more »

The first time I said goodbye to my daughter

When I had my daughter, like all new parents, I had heard all of the anecdotes and advice from anyone and everyone who was willing to give it. What to expect at certain stages. Nursing versus formula. Baby Einstein. How soon to apply for pre-schools (seriously). And the big one at the time; how hard... Read more »

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Hopefully, not shaming anyone's plans

The most popular question you will ask or be asked in the coming week is, What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Whether it’s coming from a place of office small talk or genuine interest, this will be major topic of conversation, or in some cases, dread and avoidance. That’s right, some of your friends, acquaintances... Read more »

The art of being grateful

I don’t know about you, but the art of being grateful is NOT something I’m good at. As we’re in the midst of the 30 days of gratitude project and grateful November, I can’t help but think about this constantly. We hear the related cliches all the time: Our glass is half full, you can’t... Read more »

I now know what I want to be when I grow up

It’s amazing how our aspirations and goals go through SO many shifts and changes over the years. For me, whether it’s been wanting to be a famous rock star, or rich, or a super successful entrepreneur, or the best spouse and parent I could be, there’s always been some goal to chase after that I... Read more »

The peer pressure of competitive parenting

When you have kids, there’s nothing you want to succeed at more than being a good parent. Everything else takes a back seat, particularly in the early years. Like the cliché goes, parenting changes everything; your whole perspective on life and your priorities. But like everything else that’s important to you, you can lose sight... Read more »

I can be with you if you’re funny

Life can be long and hard, and the politics, whether it’s in our work or our personal lives, can be tough to navigate. At its worst, it can be downright toxic. But a good sense of humor can help a long way in getting along with someone. I can be with you if you’re funny,... Read more »

Do we really need to hear about the Cubs World Series hangover?

Let me start off by saying that I’m from a baseball family, I’m a big Cubs fan, and I am grateful for the hugely successful season they just finished. To advance to the MLB post season 3 years in a row is a tremendous accomplishment, let alone having won the World Series in one of... Read more »

Parents, do you keep guns in your home?

Do you keep guns in your home? This was the question a fellow parent asked me the other day, in anticipation of an upcoming sleepover. I was struck not so much by the question, as I was by this particular parent’s obvious discomfort and embarrassment by feeling the need to ask, anticipating my potential reaction.... Read more »

3 true signs of success, and they're not what you think

So what do we often think of as the true signs of success? Making a huge salary, owning a lavish home, driving a fancy car, occupying the corner office, ascending to the top of your profession? Maybe marrying a movie star/tech mogul/trust fund baby, having 2.5 kids? Winning the lottery and never having to work... Read more »