Please tell me where I stand

Can you?

Why is it so hard to get an answer out of some people?

This mostly pertains to business development and sales, but it’s a universal sentiment. We all want to know where we stand. If the answer is no, that’s all right. I will live another day, because I can take it. But the not knowing... Man, is that hard to take. I don’t know what I should do at that point.

Should I leave you alone? Should I continue to pester you? If I do continue to pester you, should I do so once every two weeks? Every two months?

Maybe you’re simply just too busy to call me back. Or maybe I’m not a priority. Or maybe I am a priority, but you just haven’t gotten to me yet because you're inundated with other things. Maybe you're no longer interested. Any of these reasons are okay; it’s the not knowing that’s so hard.

I think prospects - a lot of people, actually - are reluctant to tell you the word “no,” because they’re afraid of how you’re going to take it. They don’t want to risk some kind of confrontation, it’s uncomfortable, they think you won’t accept the word no... it’s just easier to not respond and hope you get the hint from there.

Yeah, I won't get any hint, because I'm not a mind reader. Just please tell me where I stand, instead.

We have so many ways of contacting each other these days, and communication is so instantaneous, that we get overwhelmed, and oftentimes don't have the time to respond when someone reaches out to us. So we don't, and the lack of response is in fact, the word no. So when we want to say no, we just don't respond.

Hey, I'm just as guilty of it as anyone else is, despite the fact that I can't stand that radio silence treatment. When I'm not interested, or I don't want to engage, or I want to avoid the issue, or simply haven't made up my mind, I don't respond. I sit on the fence.

And I can't stand it when others do that with me. So is this a case of the Golden Rule?

Maybe so... I am trying to get better at it though, because no one likes to be left hanging, so I am doing my best to put good karma out there in the world. Maybe it will start coming my way... But until then, I will just have to learn to let it go.... as frustrating as it is, while I wait for you to please tell me where I stand.


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