Anybody good is already working

I overheard someone spouting this gem the other day, someone who should know better.

The wisdom of this so called statement is right up there with, “You can’t like both the Cubs and the White Sox,” and, “Bitcoin is a great investment.”

I’m not sure why some people continue to believe this; that if you're any good, you should already have a job, and if you don't, you must not be worth hiring, because you are somehow sub par. This belief seems especially prevalent in staffing; the one industry in which it seems people should know better.

Perhaps those who believe this have never experienced a long term layoff. Perhaps they’ve never experienced ageism or racism in their job search. Perhaps don't keep up with current events. Regardless, anyone who says this is demonstrating an impressive level of ignorance.

The irony is that there is a tremendous amount of talent in the group of those not already working, and oftentimes, a wealth of experience. Displaced workers, if given a chance, prove to be more stable workers who are considerably less likely to job hop. So maybe we need to question the philosophies of those recruiting for these positions, who have this believe system; that anybody good is already working. What do these recruiters really know? How much do they get out into the real world and know about the challenges of finding a job, once you’ve been out of the corporate workforce for a while and you have the black mark of long term unemployment on you?

They don’t.

It may seem ironic, but if they don’t want you, it really is their loss, and you're better off finding a different opportunity in the long run. Why work for a culture so ignorant? It wouldn't be the right fit for you, anyway. You deserve a place that values you and your skills, and your experience. We all do.

And here's the funny thing about all of this - the person who said the other day that, "anybody good is already working," is an in-house recruiter who has had massive turnover in her division in the past months. We're talking over 60%.

What does that tell you?

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