My biggest wish for you in 2018

As a wise friend recently said, make enough trips around the sun, and you realize most traditions are temporary. Your kids grow older and move away, relationships shift and morph, priorities change. The things you once felt so passionately about - whether good or bad - well, you just don’t care that much anymore. It’s a concept that you can’t fully get your head around unless you have... taken those trips around the sun.

As you realize that everything is temporary, the temptation to fully channel your inner curmudgeon can be overwhelming.

But there’s opportunity here to be embraced, instead of lamenting traditions gone by or weeping over the giving away of your kid’s old sippy cups or something similar. It’s not about not clinging to the past. It’s not even about staying fully engaged in the present.

It’s about having the courage to embrace the inevitable change that comes when old traditions make way for new. It’s about looking ahead to the opportunities that birth from endings, maybe even from chaotic events; from chapters and stages that have reached their natural completion.

It’s about seeing those half full glasses; knowing how to recognize them and when to grab for them. Getting out of one’s comfort zone, isn’t that the saying? When we stop getting out of our comfort zone to do new things, mix it up, try the new and scary... It seems that’s when we start to get old. And bitter.

I know a number of peers who have become stuck, and find reasons to not try something new or push pass that scary discomfort level in order to break into a new area. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking career or personal - we all know those people who remain stuck. Some seem to want it to stay that way.

In a way, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that - it’s not hurting anyone if you remain stuck and find reasons not to push outside of your own little world. The potential problem with that, however, is not only becoming bitter, but also becoming judgmental towards others who do have the courage to take new risks. Oftentimes you can become jealous. And jealousy is downright miserable to be around.

So my biggest wish for you in 2018 is that you have the courage to embrace your new chapters, find the potential for those new opportunities, especially those born from chaos, and make the most of them. Learn new skills. Meet new people. Change up your circumstances. I know that I wish this for myself, also.

Stay young, stay relevant, and stay vital. Happy New Year!

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