Enough with just the thoughts and prayers

Enough with just the thoughts and prayers. What about some meaningful action? How many more deaths is it going to take?

How do these mass shootings end?

If better gun legislation and enforcement is not the answer, then what is?

If if funding for - and access to - better mental health care resources is not the answer, then what is?

How much is enough?

Other highly developed countries have figured this out. Why can't we?

What will it take? As of this writing, yesterday's death toll stands at 58. How much larger do the death counts need to get? Over 70? 100? 200? Where does it end?

I am sorry that I have nothing but questions. I have no answers nor any profound thoughts to share. I am another average person in a diner, so to speak, just like you, and I have nothing to add to the conversation nor any upside to throw out there. I do not know what to say to my daughter. I do know that one can only change the channel only so many times and deflect only so often. She asks questions I cannot begin to answer. She is growing increasingly aware in an increasingly tumultuous country, and it terrifies me.

I do believe, that despite our divisiveness and the uncertain times in which we are living, that we still have more in common than not, and that we all want the same basic things for ourselves and our families. Security. Opportunity. Pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

I also believe that we now live in a society in which every person needs to fend for themselves, and God help them if they cannot; if they do not have the resources, the support system, or the luck. I believe that our society literally throws people away, and God help those who do not have ways to prevent that from happening.

And I believe that all of this is a direct correlation to mass shootings like what happened in Las Vegas yesterday, and what will absolutely continue to happen with no end in sight.

Enough with just the thoughts and prayers. Where does this end?

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