3 useful non-business apps for entrepreneurs

3 useful non-business apps for entrepreneurs

Like you, I hate to waste space on my phone by cluttering it up with stuff I don't really need. So many apps are such a waste of time, and I think at least twice before paying for one. But after much trial and error, I have found a few new apps that are actually worthwhile. Here are a few that are particularly useful to entrepreneurs, even though they are not business related:

Dark Sky - This app provides ridiculously accurate weather forecasts. For we entrepreneurs who are always out and about with a different schedule and routine every day, knowing what kind of weather you're facing is a necessity. Is it really going to rain where I'm going? With radar and hyper local forecasts, this one is worth the space and the one time cost of $3.99.

My Fitness Pal - This one is your standard exercise and diet app, in which you enter your diet and workouts for the day, as well as your weight goals. Standard stuff, but what I love about this is the step tracker within the app. Sometimes when I get too busy to work out, I try to incorporate exercise into my daily routine by walking as much as possible. I carry my phone in my pocket, and it tracks my steps and miles pretty accurately. Now all I have to do it make that 10,000 step-per-day goal more often... Basic version with the calorie counter is free, premium $9.99.

Flipboard - This one bills itself as "organizing the world's stories for your passions," which is a good description. Flipboard is great for aggregating the exact type news you want to receive. You can subscribe to virtually any category of newsfeed under the sun, and choose the type and frequency of notifications you want, if any. When you're on the run and you don't have time to wade through feeds of content you didn't ask for, Flipboard is a solution. Still free for now.

Hamilton lottery - Okay, so this one is a bonus, downloadable here and here. This app, with a few taps on the screen, allows you to enter a lottery to purchase $10 tickets to see the iconic show in either LA, NY, or Chicago. You can enter different lotteries daily, and you get notified daily as to whether or not you've won. I love this one, as it's infinitely easier than going to a website and entering your email every day. Will I ever win? Who knows. But it's fun trying, and it couldn't be easier!

Any others? Feel free to share.

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