It's time to get over Tina Fey, everybody

It's time to get over Tina Fey, everybody
The American flag sheet cake on sale at Denny's Doughnuts and Bakery

So of course, last week's Tina Fey sheet-caking skit has gone viral, and in its wake, caused the predictable controversy one would expect in these volatile times. One side says the skit was brilliant, hilarious, and cutting edge; the other says it was tasteless, encouraging white women to stay home rather than march against neo-Nazis at future rallies, hiding in inherent white privilege. You know what? It just doesn't matter, because anyone who gets too caught up in this skit is missing the point.

Tina Fey is a comedienne. The skit was satire, playing on the line commonly attributed to Marie Antoinette. Tina Fey is not a political figure, an educator, or a commentator. She's an entertainer. And anything she says should be taken as just that, entertainment.

Furthermore, anyone who thinks that white women who were originally going to march, but are now going to stay home because of Tina Fey supposedly encouraging them to do so, eating cake instead, is also missing the point. The women who would opt to stay home rather than march, would be most likely to do so anyway, which is why Tina poked fun of them. Anyone who is a true activist, who is truly motivated to take action by marching, is not going to be deterred by an entertainer's skit.

The real point here is that this skit has gotten us talking on a whole other level. The nightmare in Charlottesville has penetrated our national consciousness to the point that it's now everywhere, including mainstream entertainment. And that's a good thing, because we all need to take action against white supremacy, racism, and antisemitism.

Furthermore, there are so many  actions that one can take besides marching, to help make an impact, if marching isn't your thing. Write/call your representatives. Volunteer for nonprofits whose mission it is to combat racism and antisemitism. Patronize minority-owned businesses - and I don't mean picking up a sheet cake from a Jewish or African-American owned bakery. I mean attend events such as the Black Women's Expo or these minority business expos, and actually find minority-owned businesses you want to patronize over the long term.

I'm just scratching the surface here with these suggestions. The point is to do whatever it is that works for you, relative to your personal comfort level, but do something. Stop ranting about Tina Fey, and move on to the big picture.

Time is of the essence here, folks. What are YOU going to do?


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