Category: Break Ups

The Summer Unfling

I don’t remember what he said when he messaged me, but it was him that messaged first. I had just ended things with another guy – or I still was – I can’t remember anything anymore. Since things were still fresh from said dude, I kept very high walls up with David. Though I am an incredibly... Read more »

Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

How often do we find ourselves falling for the same types of people? Sure, we have our phases that bounce from varying types of physical appearances, personalities, chemistry, etc. Sometimes the world throws an equal, but opposite attraction to see how much you valued one over the other. Of my first set, if the fact... Read more »

Check Box if No Longer Necessary

What if there were an easier system to sever certain ties? Like the boxes you check off on a list on a survey. “What made you decide to terminate this relationship?” “I don’t need this magazine subscription anymore.” “She was a bad friend who never sympathized for me.” “He was a complete asshole to our... Read more »