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Adventures In Comedy - Light Envelope

Stand-up club owners can be pretty shady sometimes.  Sometimes they do it to take advantage of you.  Sometimes they do it because they’re just not good businessmen.  Whatever the reason is, if they try to pay you less than what was agreed upon, do what you can to get your money!

Adventures In Comedy - Marathon

Sometimes stand-up comedy doesn’t play ball and asks things of you that just aren’t acceptable. I’ve done a number of a shows where show producers expected comedians to perform without a microphone. Now I’m not a fancy guy, I don’t ask for many things, but I DO need a microphone. I don’t need a stool... Read more »

Adventures In Comedy - I Love Stand-Up Comedy

Doing stand-up comedy has its perks. Some are better than others. You might be surprised which one comics enjoy the most.

Adventures In Comedy - The Difference a Day Makes

I just wanted to post this picture which I think sums up trying to come up in stand-up comedy.  One day you’re in front of 100 people, the next day 5.  One day you’re getting paid a couple hundred bucks, the next day a free beer.  One day someone comes up to you after a... Read more »

Adventures In Comedy - I Killed

I love reading books on comedy. I try to read them all. I was very excited about this book. It’s pretty good, but it has it’s not so good parts too.

Adventures In Comedy - That's Not What Happened

I see this all the time and it always makes me laugh.  Solid marketing though I guess.

Adventures In Comedy - Comedy Shows

I have tried to get on every one of these shows.  All of them.  No shame.

Adventures In Comedy - Comedy School

Never get too carried away with how good you think you are.  Odds are, you’ll come crashing down soon enough.

Adventures In Comedy - Clap Your Hands

It’s always polite to clap and give energy at comedy shows.  Sometimes show hosts can be aggressive with getting it out of the audience, but whatever works!

Adventures In Comedy - 5 Minute Light

It’s important for comedians to spot the light in the back of the room to know their time is coming to an end.  It’s always good to know when exactly that light will be coming.  Sometimes figuring that out can be frustrating.