Scholastic Brings Back "The Babysitters Club" Book Series


The Babysitters are back...and this time, they are better than ever.

Did you ever used to read The Babysitters Club?  At, we did, and we
loved every minute of it!  In fact, we have the entire Babysitter Club
series here in our Sittercity office, so that we can dip into it every now and

Great news for fans...Scholastic is bringing back the series, and
it's hitting shelves sooner than you'd think.  Kristy, Mary Anne,
Claudia and Stacey are all included in the new books, and the new
series is meant to capture young readers today who have not had much,
or any, exposure to the books.

For more information, read the press release here.

Photo Credit: Google Images

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