How to Soothe a Crying Baby

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When a baby is just born, people often say that there's no better sound than the infant's first cry. That first shriek is a clear sign that the baby is responsive, healthy, conscious and finally here.

But what about all of the other shrieks after that? Several months after the birth, many parents and caregivers find themselves scratching their heads, wondering WHY the baby is crying now. Is he hungry? Tired? Cold? Hot? Bored?

A baby may cry for a number of reasons, so the first steps are to check to see if the baby is hungry, needs a diaper change or needs a nap. If everything seems fine, and you simply don't know how to calm the child, try some of these tips to comfort your crier.

1. Create a Soothing Motion: Rock the baby in a rocking chair,
vertically while doing knee bends, put them in an automatic swing, put
them in a stroller and walk around, or hold them in your arms while you

2. Create a Soothing Sound: Turn on a mobile that has music, hum or
sing to the infant in a soft voice (our CEO, Genevieve Thiers, is a
trained opera singer and can get any infant to sleep within 3
minutes--we've seen her,) turn on a fan, radio or white noise machine,
or make a continuous "Shhh" sound.

3. Check In: See if the child is too hot or too cold, swaddle the
baby to see if it prefers to be bundled (babies love bundling,) offer
the baby a pacifier, or pat or rub the baby's back.

4. Find a Quiet Place: Take the baby to a calm, dark room, give the
baby a soothing bath, put the baby on a blanket and let him or her
rest, or try placing them on their stomach if you suspect that they are
colicky. Colicky babies, especially, are more comfortable on their

5. Whatever you do, NEVER: Shake a baby, put a baby in a car seat or
carrier on a washing machine or other surface, or leave a baby
unattended. If the crying begins to hurt your ears, earplugs are a nice
option that can soften the noise.

What have you found to be effective to calm a crying baby?


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  • Great post. Sign #578238 I am not ready to have my own child: I heard a kid whooping with glee at the Olive Garden today and almost hurled myself to the floor from the top of the bar.

  • I think swaddling is very effective for a baby four months or younger. It takes some practice though. You have to get a really tight swaddle so they are able to be still enough to calm down.

    I also find that something interesting to look at can calm a fussy (but not very upset) baby. Especially something black and white that stands out and has interesting shapes will catch a baby's attention and calm them.

    Good tips!

  • Another thing that often works -- going out in the fresh air. Sometimes just a change of scenery gets baby in a better mood.

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