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Fixing a broken fence gate on the cheap

This gate was starting to rot and would not open or close easily
The back gate that leads to the alley was in need of some repair. While the wood itself was still serviceable, the gate had somehow shifted and it was hard to open and close.  There was also some wood rot and structural disintegration that prevented me from simply patching it with a few new boards.... Read more »

How to build a Fence Gate on the cheap

The other day I decided to take a crack at fixing the gate between my deck and the side fence in my yard.  Technically there isn’t much need for a gate here but as Previous Owner had one,  I figured maybe there is a reason.  Perhaps once every full moon it becomes a portal to... Read more »

DIY Pipe Shelf Pantry

<strong>Before</strong>:  This is what the area looked like, just a small 8" ledge.  That thing is a Shelf with baskets that I got from Hobby Lobby.  It's good for storing Onions, potatoes and more onions.
We had a bit of underutilized space on our basement stairwell.  so we decided to install some shelving so that we could turn it into a pantry. I decided to try something a little different. On all the DIY shows and blogs the trend seemed to be using plumbing pipe and re-purposed wood.  I got... Read more »

How to fit a Queen unto a King

King bed without headboard
Not what you think.  After years of sleeping on queen sized mattresses, my wife and I finally upgraded to  a king.  The change has been amazing.   We now have room for both of us and two cats, although for some reason they still insist on sleeping in our air space. Only one small problem:... Read more »