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What Kirsten Dunst said about traditional gender roles is nothing to get ones jammies in a bunch

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A couple of months ago, the internetlands were all abuzz about what Kirsten — I’m in Baby Mode — Dunst said during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar U.K. for their May Issue. Dunst stirred up some controversy by advocating traditional gender roles of the nurturing, housebound mother and a throwback to male ‘knights in shining... Read more »

Facebook Life Hack: An alternative to de-friending

Updated: When I started working on this post, it was as a compliment to my other Two for Tuesday post. However, after doing some diligent fact checking…okay I went to grab a screen capture and found that my information is now obsolete. Apparently Facebook changed things again! Still the point in this post still stands.... Read more »

Facebook Life Hack: How to handle those stupid Chain Posts

Has this ever happened to you? You are reading through your Facebook feed, sorting through all the cat pictures, memes and status updates that are much happier than the people are In Real Life when suddenly you see a strange or unusual status on a friend’s status. Without thinking you like or comment and the... Read more »

Five baffling Twitter scenarios I will never understand

<strong>1) Following thousands, thousands followers,</strong> so how the hell does <a href="" target="_blank">@jadevarden</a> decide who to drop?  I mean can you really see that person who doesn't tweet much in all that noise!
At the risk of sounding like one of those old people who doesn’t grasp the latest — hey you kids, get off my lawn — technology, I just don’t understand Twitter. When it first came on the scene, I didn’t understand why you wouldn’t just send a group text to all your friends. Then I... Read more »

Dear Mila Kunis: You didn't get pregnant alone and other things I think about a lot

When I was a kid, most of the television shows depicted giving birth in not even close to what really happens in the Delivery Room. We didn’t see true contractions or water breaking or crowning. The only time a guy other than the doctor was present was in a Situation Comedy and they got stuck... Read more »

5 things you are doing that you might not realize make you an Internet Troll

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of Dbags on the Internet. At some point we will hit the Asshat Apocalypse® where total disregard for others is the norm and bad behavior is the Currency of Choice. The dive bar of the Internet; where communication finally hits rock bottom and turns over its... Read more »

Five Signs of a True Chicagoan

#5:  When you are walking outside under or near the El tracks while talking to someone you immediately stop mid-sentence as the El Train passes.  Once the train passes and the Noise Pollution is back to normal, you then pick up exactly where you left off without missing a beat.
There are tons of articles, columns and posts out there that lists traits and aspects of a True Chicagoan.  Each one its own ridiculous attempt to marginalize someone because they like ketchup on a hotdog, or don’t know it wasn’t always called Willis Tower or (gasp) root for both baseball teams. I’ve come up with... Read more »

Happy Birthday to me and Happy 100th Post on ChicagoNow

So today is my 45th Birthday and this is my 100th* post on ChicagoNow. When I started blogging on ChicagoNow, my wife Nightingale and I were in the process of seeking a larger, more family-friendly abode. So I was blogging about that. Then we found a house and I tried writing “in delay” about those... Read more »

Archbishop of Genoa: How would you feel if we swapped Gay with Catholic

In a speech published this week by the Italian bishops’ newspaper Avvenire, Archbishop of Genoa Angelo Bagnasco slammed the recently announced Italian government pamphlets in schools aiming to teach children about love and diversity.  The anti-homophobia campaign follows a series of high profile murders and suicides among young people in Italy. (source.) [Cardinal Bagnasco] wants parents... Read more »

Facebook up to no good -- Again!

If you liked my Facebook Fan Page, thank you! The latest Facebook algorithm changes might cause you to miss some of my posts and you don’t want Facebook deciding what you can and cannot see do you? here’s a fast and easy way to stay engaged with my page. 1. Go to my Facebook Fan... Read more »