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How to survive Corporate America: Work Friends

Last May I wrote a post spewing advice to new graduates on How to survive Corporate America. I left some things out of it because the post was growing too long and was also bringing back painful memories of my early Corporate America experience. After some therapy and several good cries, I’ve decided to follow... Read more »

The No-Name Software Company: how I landed my first job in Information Technology

It was spring of 2000 and I was in my last quarter of G-School at DePaul. One evening after some database class ended and everyone was rushing toward the elevator, I lingered back. Night classes went until 9pm but they usually ended early and if you were lucky, they ended early enough to catch an... Read more »

STOP saying you are busy!

In Corporate America there is an animal called the IMSOBUSY. The IMSOBUSY is too busy to stop in the hallway and say hello or make friendly banter, but always has time to tell you how busy she is. What to grab some lunch? Lunch is for losers. How was your weekend? Cannot talk now, I... Read more »

7 things I hate about LinkedIn

<strong>Endorsements:   </strong> WTF in the <em>Seventh Circle of Hell</em> are these?  Like my thespian friend really knows what virtual management is any more than I understand the subtle nuisances of <em>Tantrum Ballet</em>.  I only connected with that actor in the first place because you never know if he has a cousin who is in my industry.  Or is hot.
When I made a profile in the year two thousand something, Social Media wasn’t a thing and networking was regulated to collecting business cards at job fairs and alumni events. For the electronic/online version, you basically had Plaxo and I’m not sure what else. The one reason I joined LinkedIn was because I am awful... Read more »

Crummy Jobs: My former life as a Paralegal Assistant

Every so often, I think back to my first post-college job as a Paralegal Assistant at BIGNAME LAW FIRM.  The PA position was created to offload the non-billable work the paralegals had to do — otherwise known as Things the Paralegals Didn’t Want to Do — so they could focus on the more substantive legal... Read more »

Advice to new graduates: How to survive Corporate America

Welcome Mr and/or Ms College Graduate! You have finished college and are ready to enter the workforce. You are going to hear a lot of unsolicited advice and clichés like “youth is wasted on the young” and “only 40 years until you can retire” and “keep your nose to the grindstone.” Some of it is... Read more »

Four dumb things Recruiters do

If you are part of today’s WorkForce in Corporate America, sooner or later you are going to hear from a Recruiter. Like the rest of the Rat Race, they are just trying to do their job. Some recruiters, however, are doing it worse than others. Here’s how: 1. Contacting you at your place of employment... Read more »