Not the brightest realtor out there

Ever so often a realtor I worked with or met back when I was house hunting will reach out to me and ask if I found a house or if there is anything they can do to help.  Usually it’s an agent I met at an open house who then added me to their mailing... Read more »

Hey dude blocking my driveway: is it really that hard to be a decent World Citizen?

My next door neighbor has been having some work done to his yard this summer. It looks really good and I have no issue with anyone trying to improve their property. The thing is, at least once a week the work crew blocks my driveway. Usually they only block my driveway for 10-15 minutes. However,... Read more »

We all know a Robin Williams

By now you know that Robin Williams has committed suicide. When it first hit my Facebook feed I thought perhaps it was one of those internet hoaxes that gets sent around the world before the truth can catch up. No such luck. Apparently Williams suffered from severe depression and battled alcoholism and substance abuse over... Read more »

Chicago Bears: Please Skip the Preseason Games

Dear Chicago Bears, Please do us all a favor and skip the pre-season. Seriously, the injury risks are too great to have our offense playing much, if at all, in what amount to glorified exhibition games. Just this week in training camp you lost potential #3 receiver Marquess Wilson with a broken collarbone. In Practice.... Read more »

Respect the Run and The Test is Easy When you do the Homework

One of the tenants that many experienced veteran runners adhere to is the phrase “Respect the Run.” What this means is that any time you go out for a run, whether it is a 8-10 Long Run or a simple 3 mile recovery run, you have to respect it. Respect the distance, respect the weather... Read more »

I miss the early days of blogging

The other day two separate discussions occurred in different areas of my life that made me long for the glory olden days of the Internet when blogs were just starting to become a thing.  Therefore I was really excited when the subject of this month’s  ChicagoNow Blogapalooza*was “write about a person, place or thing that... Read more »

Facebook Life Hack: An alternative to de-friending

Updated: When I started working on this post, it was as a compliment to my other Two for Tuesday post. However, after doing some diligent fact checking…okay I went to grab a screen capture and found that my information is now obsolete. Apparently Facebook changed things again! Still the point in this post still stands.... Read more »

Facebook Life Hack: How to handle those stupid Chain Posts

Has this ever happened to you? You are reading through your Facebook feed, sorting through all the cat pictures, memes and status updates that are much happier than the people are In Real Life when suddenly you see a strange or unusual status on a friend’s status. Without thinking you like or comment and the... Read more »

Dear Comcast: Please play nicely with others before the government makes you

By now you may have heard about the recording of Ryan Block, former Engadget editor and current executive at AOL, trying to cancel his Comcast service that has been making the rounds in the past few days. If not, please find 10 minutes to listen to this clip. Sound cloud Comcast Recording. Note: This recording... Read more »

Day Care already starting to Disappoint and we aren't even signed up yet

Among the many things we need to figure out with respect to having twins this fall –  that we are hopelessly, hilariously behind schedule on — is finding day care.  Good Day Care Centers are hard enough to get in with one child and when you have two, it naturally decreases the odds.  This is... Read more »