Catholic Bishops veto of gay-friendly Synod not a loss for Pope Francis

  Conservative bishops in the Roman Catholic church voted against language that had been “hailed as a historic warming of attitudes towards gay people”  according to  The Guardian. In the final report of an extraordinary synod on the family which has exposed deep divides in the church hierarchy, there is no mention – as there... Read more »

Call people by their chosen name or know that you are being a jerk

I have one of those names (Michael) that people like to truncate (Mike) or kidify (Mikey) or even use a far out nickname (Mickey).  Like many Arthurs, Charles and Peters, I took a stand after college and declared that I would only answer to ‘Michael.”  This didn’t go well with 1) older people  2) my... Read more »

7 things I hate about LinkedIn

<strong>Endorsements:   </strong> WTF in the <em>Seventh Circle of Hell</em> are these?  Like my thespian friend really knows what virtual management is any more than I understand the subtle nuisances of <em>Tantrum Ballet</em>.  I only connected with that actor in the first place because you never know if he has a cousin who is in my industry.  Or is hot.
When I made a profile in the year two thousand something, Social Media wasn’t a thing and networking was regulated to collecting business cards at job fairs and alumni events. For the electronic/online version, you basically had Plaxo and I’m not sure what else. The one reason I joined LinkedIn was because I am awful... Read more »

10 years of Marathon Training experiences: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

While I’m not training for the Chicago Marathon this year, I have run it a dozen times since the noughties  began.  That means Marathon Training has consumed most of my summers over the last decade. This part of the season known as The Taper, was always my favorite part of the training season.  Because when... Read more »

Being neutral in a Friend Cold War isn't always the right thing to do

Have you ever had two friends who had some type of blowout and now won’t speak to one another? Maybe it’s over something really stupid, like liking Coldplay or maybe it is a friendship breaker, liking balking on reimbursing someone for Coldplay Concert Tickets.  Either way you might be caught in the middle. Sure all... Read more »

Being caught in the middle when friends fight is awful

A long time ago, in a Liberal Arts College far, far away, a couple friends were not getting along. Actually to say they weren’t getting along would be like saying Russia and Ukraine are having growing pains.  What they were fighting about isn’t important, but it is amusing so I’ll share. Cindy was pissed at... Read more »

Marathon Training: Group Leader Confidential

Every summer thousands of people train for the Chicago Marathon and many of them join running clubs like CARA. Although I’m not doing it this year, I’ve group leader since 2003 and have trained for both fall and spring marathons, so I’ve led a lot of different groups of runners over the years. Two of... Read more »

The ups and downs of keeping your baby names a secret

About seven seconds after we shared the news that we were pregnant, people have been asking all sorts of questions. When is Nightingale due?  Are we going to learn the sex of the children? Do they have a favorite cognac and preferred smokes? You know, the standard FAQs. Like an episode of Lost, every question led to... Read more »

My thought process on how I tip

Every so often the When to Tip or When Not to Tip debate comes up. “Should one tip when you pick up Chinese takeout? Should you tipped the guys who delivered your new gas range? What about a hotel bellhop? A parking valet?” Wash. Rinse. Repeat. What I’m gonna do instead it share my thought... Read more »

Seven things to expect when dating someone training for the Chicago Marathon

<strong>Going to bed early</strong>
<br><br>Chances are good your partner does her running early in the morning to beat the heat and get the mileage out of the way.
So you met that special someone this summer, perhaps at a street festival, a sporting event or even a friend’s annual 4th of July Party. You hit things off and everything is going great except you are starting to notice they have this hobby which borders on addiction. It probably started out as a minor... Read more »