Very Frustrated Bear's Fan

Very Frustrated Bear's Fan
I have been a dedicated Bears fan my entire life. I have been with the organization through the good and the bad. I was there when the Bears had their heartbreaking loss versus the Colts in the Super Bowl. I was there last season when Aaron Rodgers crushed our dreams. I was there a few... Read more »

Q&A with a ChicagoNow blogger: Jessica Gardner

There are sometimes people you come across that you know are destine to do great things. Let’s meet Jessica. Today, she is celebrating a birthday. She has two cats named Sammy and Zoey who are litter mates and rescues. She is single but do not mistake her for a crazy cat lady. She is hoping... Read more »

Thank You Potato Chips for My Big Ass

Hello, my name is Frank and I’m an Average Guy. Welcome to my adventure. It’s Week 2 of my weight loss journey and I will literally do anything for a Klondike bar. I mean literally anything. I am aware that this is not going to be an easy adventure and I know fully that this... Read more »

Breaking Up with My Belly

I do not like using the word “hate.” It’s such a negative word to use but in this situation I feel I have every right to use the word. This is going to feel good getting off my chest. Okay, here it goes….I hate you Con Queso dip. I hate your tastiness, cheesiness, spiciness, and... Read more »

There is no place like home, there is no place like home

I was born and raised in the West Lawn Park neighborhood up until the sixth grade. From there we moved to the burbs, Tinley Park to be exact. However, I will never forget the home I grew up in. The home was filled with so many unbelievable memories. There will be nothing like my childhood... Read more »

My New Alarm Clock is Not Annoying Whatsoever

My name is Frank, and I am an Average Guy. Welcome to my Adventure. My alarm clock has gone off; however this is not the typical one where you can hit the snooze button. It’s 3:30am and my little girl has woken up for her feeding. I turn the hallway light on and walk into her room.... Read more »
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    Hello, my name is Frank and I’m just an Average Guy who provides random thoughts as a First Time Dad, Marketing Genius, Internet Radio DJ/Podcaster, Fan of all Sports, Pop Culture Enthusiast and obvious lover of Food.

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