I Voted and Feel Good

I voted today! I am not going to divulge who I voted for, but good god almighty I made the vote.  The reason I choose not to share who I voted for is because I think your political views sometimes get construed. People might take your party selection and bill you as horrible person. Look... Read more »

The Perfect Life

I’m not one to brag but I feel that I may have the perfect life. Okay, let me step off my pedestal and start over. I am the luckiest man alive.  Is that better? Okay, let me explain. In 2003, I met the woman of my dreams while working at Borders Books and Music. Most... Read more »

Disappointed Bears Fan Letter to Coach Trestman

Dear Coach Trestman, Please call your Optometrist to see if you can get a stronger prescription for your glasses. You’re not seeing things correctly. Oh dear, I hope you’re not blind. I probably should have created this letter in braille. If you do not have eye problems then please do me a favor and remove... Read more »

Fond Memories of Halloween (Yes, I'm late)

Halloween has come and gone. However, with the recent Zombies floating around in Lake Michigan it has encouraged me to share my Halloween Blog that was supposed to be shared on Halloween. Let’s just say this guy forgot. I have some fond memories of Halloween. I am not a hater of the holiday but I... Read more »

Very Frustrated Bear's Fan

I have been a dedicated Bears fan my entire life. I have been with the organization through the good and the bad. I was there when the Bears had their heartbreaking loss versus the Colts in the Super Bowl. I was there last season when Aaron Rodgers crushed our dreams. I was there a few... Read more »

Q&A with a ChicagoNow blogger: Jessica Gardner

There are sometimes people you come across that you know are destine to do great things. Let’s meet Jessica. Today, she is celebrating a birthday. She has two cats named Sammy and Zoey who are litter mates and rescues. She is single but do not mistake her for a crazy cat lady. She is hoping... Read more »

Thank You Potato Chips for My Big Ass

Hello, my name is Frank and I’m an Average Guy. Welcome to my adventure. It’s Week 2 of my weight loss journey and I will literally do anything for a Klondike bar. I mean literally anything. I am aware that this is not going to be an easy adventure and I know fully that this... Read more »

Breaking Up with My Belly

I do not like using the word “hate.” It’s such a negative word to use but in this situation I feel I have every right to use the word. This is going to feel good getting off my chest. Okay, here it goes….I hate you Con Queso dip. I hate your tastiness, cheesiness, spiciness, and... Read more »

There is no place like home, there is no place like home

I was born and raised in the West Lawn Park neighborhood up until the sixth grade. From there we moved to the burbs, Tinley Park to be exact. However, I will never forget the home I grew up in. The home was filled with so many unbelievable memories. There will be nothing like my childhood... Read more »

My New Alarm Clock is Not Annoying Whatsoever

My name is Frank, and I am an Average Guy. Welcome to my Adventure. My alarm clock has gone off; however this is not the typical one where you can hit the snooze button. It’s 3:30am and my little girl has woken up for her feeding. I turn the hallway light on and walk into her room.... Read more »