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Positive Living: How I am Taking Out The Negative Garbage In My Life

Positive Living: How I am Taking Out The Negative Garbage In My Life
Spring is a time of a renewal.  It is a time for growth and  beautiful changes all around us. It is also a time where we start to examine our lives and start to make it better.  It is a time for positive changes and turning our lives for the better. Personally, I have started... Read more »

Healthy Eating: I cannot eat like a 19 year old anymore

Healthy Eating: I cannot eat like a 19 year old anymore
I need to start acting my age or at least start eating like my age too. It is not easy eating healthy at time when you constantly want to act a little bit younger. At the same time, it is time to turn my bad habits in healthy eating habits.  I can not eat like... Read more »

Tired of Being Tired: An Energizing Story

Tired of Being Tired: An Energizing Story
This is a story. Not just any story.  It is a story with a moral at the end. It is a story of a girl with an energy issue…or lack of energy issue. She also had a dream and desired to be a super speedy runner. But she had a huge mountain to climb…literately. She... Read more »

My Journey to Becoming an Athlete: Part 1 - My Story

Me at my heaviest weight with my nephew and ex
It is now 2012. It is a time for resolutions. Some of them are attainable and healthy. Some of them are unattainable. We have to be careful and wise when we make these resolutions. Anyhow, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to post more on this blog. I have been a little bit of... Read more »
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    Greetings, Chicago Suburbanites! Welcome to Active Suburbia! My name is Denise, but I am known as Firefly, Red, and "Hey there". I will be your tour guide to everything active within the Chicago suburbs. In this blog, I will be your guide to places within the Chicagoland Suburbs that will help lead a more active lifestyle and a lot of fun too. In fact, studies have shown that reading this blog will bring a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and burn those last nasty 5 lbs that you can't get off. (Ok, everything's true except for the last one that hasn't been proved.....YET, but I am determined to make it true.) Here's a short introduction about myself: I am a very active person. You can say that I have endurance, determination, grit, and hard work in my bones. I enjoy running and cycling. I have completed a couple of marathons, half-marathons, 5K's, etc in my running career. I also enjoy trying most things active and willing to explore if I have to. I enjoy checking out the trails near me and doing a lot of running. I also enjoy teaching Pilates and yoga. I am also a suburbanite living in the awesome suburb of Berwyn. I am a suburban girl at heart and love every minute of it. I originally grew up in the frozen tundra of the Twin Cities. I am also a die-hard sports fan and enjoy the competitive nature of it. I love baseball, college and professional football, and even hockey. I am always interested in finding more fun places within the Chicago suburbs. If you know of a gem, shoot me an e-mail at You can also follow me on Twitter too.

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