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Chicago Marathon: Turning into another New York or Boston?

Chicago Marathon: Turning into another New York or Boston?
When I woke up late this morning,  I found out through the powers of Facebook that the Chicago Marathon made a HUGE changes in their registration process for this year’s marathon. It is such a new changes that it has caught everyone off from surprise. It also could potentially be a huge negative PR move... Read more »

Countdown to Chicago Marathon: Chicago Marathon Weekend

Meeting Desi
This whole weekend for the marathon was exciting, but completely exhausting…and I didn’t run the race. Go figure! Saturday was the day that I partook in the Expo experience. It is the best part of the weekend. I literately call it a “Runner’s Christmas”. There’s opportunity to try new foods, gels, and drinks. The best... Read more »

Chicago Marathon: Elite Participants Press Conference

Chicago Marathon: Elite Participants Press Conference
Today was one day that I have been looking forward to all week – besides the race, of course. The press conference! I was looking forward to attend this as a member of the media instead being either a volunteer or participant. I felt like I was going backstage of a rock concert and meeting... Read more »

Countdown to the Chicago Marathon!

Countdown to the Chicago Marathon!
It’s 7 days until race day for 45,000 participants. Even though I will not be running this race, I plan to do a lot of press coverage of this event. This is going to be a very exciting week. I will be covering the following topics during this week: History of the 35 years of... Read more »

20 ways (and miles) to get ready for the Chicago Marathon

Bright and shiny smiles all around
It’s less than 3 weeks until the Chicago Marathon. Thousands of runners are working hard to finish up their training. I am one of those proud runners registered for Chicago Marathon. I understand the determination, sacrifice, and strength that it takes to train for a marathon. This past Saturday, I witnessed a strong group of... Read more »
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    Greetings, Chicago Suburbanites! Welcome to Active Suburbia! My name is Denise, but I am known as Firefly, Red, and "Hey there". I will be your tour guide to everything active within the Chicago suburbs. In this blog, I will be your guide to places within the Chicagoland Suburbs that will help lead a more active lifestyle and a lot of fun too. In fact, studies have shown that reading this blog will bring a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and burn those last nasty 5 lbs that you can't get off. (Ok, everything's true except for the last one that hasn't been proved.....YET, but I am determined to make it true.) Here's a short introduction about myself: I am a very active person. You can say that I have endurance, determination, grit, and hard work in my bones. I enjoy running and cycling. I have completed a couple of marathons, half-marathons, 5K's, etc in my running career. I also enjoy trying most things active and willing to explore if I have to. I enjoy checking out the trails near me and doing a lot of running. I also completed my 1st Century ride last September and loved every minute of it. I am also a suburbanite living in the awesome suburb of Berwyn. I am a suburban girl at heart and love every minute of it. I originally grew up in the frozen tundra of the Twin Cities. I am also a die-hard sports fan and enjoy the competitive nature of it. I love baseball, college and professional football, and even hockey. I love cheering for my Twins, Vikings, Golden Gophers, and Avalanche (LONG story - trust me!). I am always interested in finding more fun places within the Chicago suburbs. If you know of a gem, shoot me an e-mail at You can also follow me on Twitter too.

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