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The Real (Body) Weight Issue: Seeing Past the Blurred Image

This is me currently at around 143-144 lbs on a cleaner diet and training for a marathon (and throwing in a few squats in between).
After reading this article, I had the wheels in my mind turning to create this article that I am writing. It really got me thinking about how the world views body image especially for women who are athletic. It is constantly talked about through social media for as long as I can remember. Celebrities are... Read more »

(Body) Image is Everything

(Body) Image is Everything
What do Lady Gaga, Princess Diana, Katie Couric, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, and Katy Perry have in common? They have all either dealt with body image issues or being scrutinized by the media for their body image. It is a very public battle for them especially because they are constantly in the spotlight.... Read more »