News Flash, America! Life is about making choices

News Flash, America! Life is about making choices
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NEWS FLASH, America! Life is all about making choices and......

(Here is the kicker!)

...and accepting consequences. Is that amazing?!

Unfortunately, our society has slowly turned into a world where consequences from choices or decisions become null or void instead of facing them. When we do not face the consequences of our actions, we are running from reality and life itself.

It has been a week since the Ferguson decision has been read and riots/protests have taken place.  Some people have taken some time to digest the information. Some people have chosen to just listen to what Fox News or any of the big media outlets say about Ferguson ruling. Some people have chosen to take the time to educate themselves about the all of the facts of the case and kept an open mind.

It is all about choices! You are the only one who can run the show within your life. No one else can play master controls within your mind and control your brain. But for the 1 or 2% who think that people who still choose to think that the POTUS or the FBI is controlling your mind,  I will let you go back to your coloring books and land filled with pink unicorns because that is YOUR choice.  For the rest of us, continue reading please.

Here's the scoop:

Making choices

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YOU make the choices + following through with YOUR choices = REALITY!

Is that amazing?!

The people in Ferguson who chose to participate in the riots and looting will have to face the consequences of their actions eventually.  It might not be right away, but they will be facing the consequences of their actions. The businesses in Ferguson - especially owned by minority owners -  may have suffered because of those people's actions, but some of them have pulled through and decided to remain strong through this difficult time like this business owner.

After the verdict, people made choices to act immaturely by rioting or act peacefully through peaceful protests.  I am eternally grateful that the Chicago Police Department made the choice to allow the protesters who chose act peacefully during the protest. I do understand there were a few bad apples within the protesters, but I applaud the CPD to keep the protests peaceful.  It was a very wise move made by the CPD.

As for Darren Wilson, the Police Officer involved in the Ferguson verdict, he will have to face the consequences of his decision eventually as well. I applaud him for stepping down as a Police Officer. Personally, I believe that he did not make a smart choice in using lethal force on Michael Brown especially because he sat in the motorize vehicle. There were better choices that he could have made instead. If he was truly scared Mr. Brown, he could have used a taser or driven away from the situation quickly. Overall, Officer Wilson made HIS choice at that moment and will have to live with his choice for the rest of his life. No one can take that from him and carry the responsibility.

Officer Wilson simply made a choice. Michael Brown also made a choice as well by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, time cannot turn back and change this.  We have to deal with the consequences of Officer Wilson's actions. Hopefully, the rest of society can learn from Officer Wilson's actions and move on while taking the difficult lessons to heart. It will not do anyone any good by dwell on the decision of one person's actions.  It will only harm us overall and make things difficult for everyone else.

Society needs to improve and change as the result of these actions. The lessons learned from this will only make our society a better one especially when we adapt quickly instead of resisting change. Change comes easier when we learn to adapt during times when things come very quickly.

There are no good or bad choices out there. It is alright to make mistakes once in a while when we do not make the correct decision. We learn from our mistakes and grow into a better person.

The right path in life is ours for the taking. We just need to learn how to find it. Now go out and find it for yourself.

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