How fear, hate and negativity won the 2014 mid-term election

How fear, hate and negativity won the 2014 mid-term election
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As all of us woke up this morning, we definitely woke up for a different world than what we woke up to yesterday before the election results came back. Personally, I  believe that I just woke up with the biggest hangover and it will not go away. It really hurt.

Last night, I thought I was living a nightmare that I just wanted to desperately want to wake up from. Sadly, the nightmare continued into today. I felt completely helpless as I saw the election returns come back.

Instead, I have found that our world has been placed into the hands of the uninformed voters and corporations like the Koch brothers who purchase their support during the election. As as result, we have this.


This is not what I visioned our country to look like after last night's elections. I had a lot of high hopes that other states would elect leaders that will change the negative climate. I had strong hopes that Congress would sway to an era of electing leaders that will help our country to continue to grow while support our children through education, women's rights, and helping to close the equality gaps for all minorities and groups.

Instead, we became a country where fear and hate continues to grow as a very scary rate. There is too much negativity and negative energy in our country. This trend completely disturbs me greatly and needs to stop NOW.

As a country, we need to start removing this negative energy and working towards a world where there is more positive energy around. It is long overdue.

I am grateful for gas being more affordable. I am grateful for the job market improving and less jobs being outsourced to other countries. I am grateful for better health insurance coverage and more choices for me to get great insurance coverage.  I do not understand why other people are not appreciative of these things and have to constantly complain as Negative Nancies.

People deserve to be happy. People deserve to feel safe.  People deserve to be well taken care of.  People deserve honesty.

People crave opportunity for themselves and create higher self-esteem. People crave compassion from others. People crave safety in numbers. People crave open communication from our politicians and leaders that do not include half-truths and lies.

As the election results are certified, it is up to all of us to change the climate that we live in. We are all accountable for our actions and for the people that we bring into our lives.  For those who voted and chose to bring these people into Congress, I am holding all of you accountable for your actions.

I did not have control over who was elected because the majority spoke. I made my own choices when I voted in the election yesterday.and they were not what I wanted.  I pray for a peaceful next two years and hopeful for a better future.

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