Election Day 2014: 5 top reasons why you should vote today

Election Day 2014: 5 top reasons why you should vote today
Just do it!

Today's Election Day.  It is the day where the political ad and phone calls stop so you can enjoy your family dinners in complete peace (almost!). I do not care who you vote for (well, maybe!) but if you do not vote there is nothing to complain about. There should not be any reason where you should NOT vote, but here's a list of 5 top reason why you should go out and vote period.

5. Your educated vote will cancel out an uneducated voter's vote. 

Be smart. Do your research. Google your ballot before you go to the polls. Check out your local bar association's recommendations if you need to vote for judges where you live. Do not allow some uneducated voter that received some chanted or subliminal message from the Koch Brothers or any corporation to their way. Use your voice and vote.

4. You get to be part of a cool club. 

You want to be part of the club, right. Everyone does so go out and vote.

3. Just do it! 

Just like the ad guys from Nike say, just do it and vote. There is nothing painful about voting. It is easy to do especially if you registered to vote already.

2. Your vote = Your voice!

Let your voice be heard. Plus when you call or email your elected official for assistance, they do check to see if you voted....period.  If you do not vote, you are going to be dissed because you did not exercise your right to do so and how is that going to feel. You will just get the blank stare back.

1. It is the AMERICAN thing to do! 

It is our civic duty.  DO NOT get lazy or allow work and family obligations get in the way.  Employers are supposed to allow time to vote. You can bring your kids along to vote.  They will see you to do something so powerful, but so simple. Be a good role model.

Now GO VOTE!! (What are you waiting for?)


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