Dining Inequality: Blog Action Day 2014 meets Gluten Awareness Month

Dining Inequality: Blog Action Day 2014 meets Gluten Awareness Month
Dining should not be a challenge for someone with a food allergy.

When I examined the topic of inequality for this blog article as part of Blog Action Day 2014, I decided to go with my heart.  With this month being Celiac Awareness Month, I believe that there needs a stronger voice for inequality in the restaurant world for people with food allergies. There is still a bit of inequality between regular diners and those with food allergies. For someone who struggles with non-Celiac gluten intolerance along with other food allergies, it is quite a challenge to dine out and find food that is safe for me to me.

At times, I find myself challenged to find something safe for me to eat. I have to do a lot of advanced research to search through menus online or on my phone.  It really can be very difficult when there is a restaurant that I really want to go to, but cannot because they do not offer anything safe for me to eat.  I feel like that the restaurant ends up losing in the end as well because they lose a customer that really would like to spend their own money eating in their establishment.

It is unfair at times that most people do not have to worry about what they put in their mouths and stomachs. For people who deal with food allergies, it is quite unfair and on the edge of inequality. Restaurant owners needs to be more educated on design their menu to more food allergy friendly.  People need to know what is in their entrees and side dishes. People should not be left guessing or have to ask waiters who do not have the information because they are not properly informed.

These same food establishment owners need to be educated as well about creating menu items that are food allergy friendly. These allergy friendly items need to be expanded into a vegan or vegetarian options as well. I find too many meat-based menu items instead of vegetarian ones. Not everyone eats meat.

People need choices and have more than four options to choose from when they visit a food establishment. I will personally turn my nose away from a new restaurant if there is less than four choices for me to choose from. I will not want to come back a new food establishment because of this issue.

Let's stop the inequality when it comes to food options. Give people more options that give people with food allergies that are safe. Enough already!

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