Gluten Free Taste Test: Cookie time Among Friends

Anyone hungry for COOKIES? Of course, you are.  How about gluten-free cookies? If you are, then you are definitely in for a treat.

I happen to stumble on this cookie mix on a random grocery shopping trip to Whole Foods.

 Hello!  What do we have here?

What really caught my eye was that the mix was for a gluten-free molasses-ginger cookie, which I have not found in any gluten-free mix so far.  I was in love at first sight. It did not take long for me to grab the package and throw it into my basket.

It was a best decision that I made during that shopping trip. EVER!

This cookie mix was made by a company called Among Friends. The mix was made with gluten-free oat flour and ground flax seeds. It is super healthy and organic cookie mix. Just do not tell your friend or kids that it is healthy.

When I opened up the packaging to take a sniff inside before making the gluten free cookies, I was in spicy ginger heaven. It was completely awesome!

The smell got more intense as I mixed the cookies up and then rolled the cookie dough into little balls of goodness. I enjoyed every moment!

The pinnacle point was taking the cookies out of the oven. I did not know that aroma of molasses-ginger cookies got really intense after baking in the oven, but they did.  The aroma hit through the entire house.

After the gluten free cookies cooled per the packaging instructions, there were placed into the tupperware and stored until later after dinner.  They were absolutely perfect with the pear-ginger sorbet that made with the ice cream maker.  I highly recommend this gluten free cookie mix along with the rest of the cookie mixes from this company.

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