My favorite place that I have lived and want to return to: Colorado

Tonight's challenge: "Write about a favorite or memorable place you have lived for any time at all, whether a country, state, city, childhood home, fraternity/sorority, hostel, hotel or even bedroom."

When tonight's topic came out for tonight's Blogapalooz-Hour,  I was completely excited.  For me, my favorite place is my second home state of Colorado.   It is the home of my favorite hockey team: the Colorado Avalanche.   I also enjoy watching the Colorado Rockies when my Minnesota Twins are not playing either the Cubs or Sox.

Colorado was a place where I slowly started to live on my own without the power of my parents being around. It was a place that I fell in love with the area.  It was also an area where I felt that I started to develop very happy memories for myself even when times were tough for me.

I had an opportunity to go back last summer for my 20th high school reunion. I took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures of places that I had a lot of memories. It was during the trip that I made a conscious decision to move back by 2016.   Last winter really sealed the deal for me as well because I am sick and tired of sub-freezing temps and then the high humidity in the summer. I prefer the sunny winters and drier summers without all of the bugs to swat at.

Colorado is calling me back, but Chicago will be my home for now. Enjoy the photos!

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