Celiac Disease Awareness Month: Gluten-Free Products Hits and Misses

With Memorial Day weekend underway, it means that Celiac Disease Awareness Month is winding down to an end.  **cue frowny face**  As part of this month, I have decided to do several gluten-free product reviews all at once in one article instead of writing separate articles for each gluten-free product.  Time has been ultra precious for me with my life being quite busy lately and want to be able to maintain my sanity through it all. Less stress = me being happy!

Here we go!

Zema's Cocoa Teff Pancake and Waffle Mix 

This product was presented to me at the GFAF expo after I saw the product at my local Whole Foods. Zema's is a local company based out of Highland Park, IL.  I decided to try to the Cocoa Teff Waffle and Pancake Mix this morning and made some gluten-free waffles after my husband came home from a long visit with friends.  The mix was super easy to follow.  I used coconut milk instead of almond milk because that is what I had on hand and what I prefer. I used to Coconut Palm Sugar instead of maple syrup because I did not have it on hand either.   I ended up only adding 1/4 cup of Dark Chocolate Chips to the batter.

The gluten-free waffles took only 3 1/2 minutes to cook up after a bit of trial and error during the first batch.  Overall, they were complete delicious and would make them again!

feel good Gluten-Free vegetable egg rolls 

I found this product at the Standard Market in Westmont completely on accident.  I had not had a egg roll in over three years and was so happy to find this gluten-free product version. I ended up baking them in the oven after a long day of being on the road all day.  I just wanted to something quick and easy to make and enjoy with a glass of white wine.

The product cooked very well as long as I placed the cooking spray on the baking sheet so that they did not stick. It only took about 10 minutes on each side to cook. The egg rolls were very yummy, but I was disappointed in how over salty they were. If the salt flavor was decreased, then I would buy them again.  It was just too much for my taste.

Ardenne Farm Blueberry Muffin Mix 

This was another product that I found at the GFAF expo. From the moment that I opened up the baking mix, I knew that I was into something extra good. The mix smelled heavenly and my mouth was watering. It was even better when I took them out of the oven. The aroma of the fresh muffins just filled my kitchen and created a happy place. I highly recommend this product along with the rest of the mixes.  I cannot wait to try out the chocolate cake mix as well. That's for a future product review.

Modern Oats 5 Berry Gluten-Free Oatmeal

I found this product as well as Standard Market in Westmont. I have been trying to find a product to have for breakfast for those mornings that I need to eat something on the run and still be healthy.  I tried this and was very impressed on the intense flavor that it had.  The berries tasted fresh and like they were freshly picked when I made the oatmeal. I highly recommend this product as well especially if you have a very busy schedule like me.

Glutenberg Gluten-Free Blonde Ale 

I saw this product at my favorite Binny's location in Lombard. They always have some of the best gluten-free beer selection anywhere. I enjoyed this beer after a long day with some spicy Thai tofu.  The flavor of the beer was great.  It was even better after I added the lemon to the beer.  Yes, I am one of those people who does that and proud of it. It is definitely a beer that I would enjoy again or try the other varieties that the brand has.

McKenzie's Seasonal Reserve Hard Cider

I found this one also at my favorite Binny's location. If you are tired of the bland or dry hard ciders out there, this is one for you. I was completely blown away when I tried this hard cider. I love my ciders, but I am very picky when it comes to the flavor.  I usually like the sweeter varieties and also the Pumpkin ales as well. I loved the flavor and complexities to this cider. I would definitely buy this one again.  I highly recommend it hands down!

That's all of my product review for now.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend and remember the meaning behind the weekend as well. Remember our veterans and be safe!

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