Celiac Disease Awareness Month: Do you have 7 days?

Take the challenge!

Take the challenge!

Do you have 7 days? We all do.

Do you have 7 days that you can live gluten-free and raise awareness as part of Celiac Disease Awareness Month?  If so, I DARE you to take the challenge to live gluten-free for 7 days. All it takes is at least 7 days and $100 to the Celiac Disease Foundation to help educate others about Celiac Disease and related conditions.

According to the Celiac Disease Foundation website:

"It’s easy to raise awareness. Take the pledge to live gluten-free for at least one week and to raise $100 in the fight against celiac disease and receive a free registration code.  Or join the Team Challenge right now. Use our 7 Day Gluten-Free Meal Plan or go it on your own.  Already gluten-free? Pledge on behalf of a family member, other loved one, even your pet.

Join by May 31 and receive a Team Gluten-Free t-shirt and a one year subscription to Delight Gluten-Free Magazine!"

Who's in?

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